3 Types of Shapewear for your Bridal Outfits
April 30, 2019

Talk about weddings and what comes first to mind are gorgeous bridal dresses. Girls are very particular about their wedding outfits. Planning starts from months before the big day. The perfect dress, heels, jewellery and what not! But, what about the perfect shapewear for the bridal outfit, do girls often miss out on it? After …

All About Balconette Bras
April 15, 2019

The world of bras can be quite confusing and overwhelming. The innumerous names, styles and types can easily baffle your mind. One of the many bra types is a balconette bra. When I first heard of the name I had no idea what a balconette bra is, what outfits you could pair it with and …

The Ultimate Guide to Buying, Wearing & Caring for Bras
April 1, 2019

The very first to go on and the last to come off, yes honey it’s your lingerie we are talking about. Your bra is the very foundation of your entire outfit. The right or wrong bra can make or break your entire look. You will be amazed to know that till date 80% women don’t …

Tips For Selecting Your Honeymoon Lingerie
March 9, 2019

After months and months of preparation, invitations, hair and makeup appointment, wedding list making, and so much more, you are finally on the way to walk down the aisle. You have spent months on the best dresses and best jewelry options. However, did you check the most important thing on the list?   Well, going …

Color- Bras
Love At First Bright
March 1, 2019

How long does it take for you to choose a bra from the closet? If it doesn’t take long, then it’s a sign that you might not have so many options. Do you always go for the nudes and black bra that you have? Well, how about adding some color?   When it comes to …

21 Types of Bras
21 Types of Bras You Should Know About: The Complete Bra Style Guide
February 27, 2019

Most of us women share a love-hate relationship with bras. No matter how much we hate their pokes and stabs, we just can’t do without their lift and support. But once you get to know what style, size and type suit your body, it can transform your quality of life. Also, did you know more …

Only If You Knew These 8 Bra Hacks Sooner
February 11, 2019

From using a hair straightener to iron your shirt collars to dabbing toothpaste to tame pimples, women have pretty much mastered the art of hacks (or as we call it – jugaad!) When it comes to fashion, women are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to make their lives easier. Lingerie is …

13 Struggles Only Women with Small Breasts Understand
January 2, 2019

While growing up they told you to stay patient but now when you’re in your mid 20’s your life seems to be a lie. You’ve waited long, long enough and stared down your chest hoping for a miracle. But life is hard and when life gives you lemons you can’t really do much or can you? …

Men's Gifting Guide to Lingerie Wear for New Year 2019
Men’s Gifting Guide to Lingerie Wear for New Year 2019
December 31, 2018

The new year is just around the corner and so is the problem of finding the ideal New Year’s gift for your girlfriend. While the idea of the ideal gift is alienated for most of the men but gifting something intimate and naughty has always crossed across every guy’s mind. And who minds lingerie? Honestly …

mens gifting guide
Lingerie Videos by Clovia

Clovia’s Holiday Collection – Fancy Flaunt-Worthy Bras Find your #joy with Clovia’s flaunt-worthy racerback bras, pretty bralettes in peppy colours. Be it everyday wear or sexy party lingerie, Clovia has something for every occasion. Coffee to Club Plans with your Bra BFF! – Clovia’s Bra Collection Comfortable, supportive and close to your heart. Opt for …

5 Must-Have Women's Lingerie for Your Next Holiday Trip
5 Must-Have Women’s Lingerie for Your Next Holiday Trip
December 27, 2018

While the year comes to end, most of us are busy planning holidays. Vacations are more of a fashion get-away than just traveling. Accept it, girls, even before booking our flights, we all start planning our outfits. On a scale of elegant to sexy, we pack our bags with options and variations for the upcoming …

15 Exciting Ideas to Unleash The Sexy Diva in You!
November 14, 2018

Every girl has two sides to her personality – a plain jane type and a sexy diva type. Believe me girls, if you think you aren’t one of those girls who can make heads turn, you’re wrong! I agree with Ariana, God is a woman! And you, yes you can be utterly beautiful and gorgeous. …

10 Best Lingerie Options To Go With Your Bridal Lehenga
November 12, 2018

The D- day has arrived and you have hung your bridal lehenga carefully in your closet. Your trousseau is all packed in bags, the hair and makeup appointments have been fixed. Unless you are Cinderella and have a fairy godmother taking care of all wedding related jobs. You will have to do all of these …

9 Most Comfortable Bras To Wear With Your Anarkali Suits
November 11, 2018

Unless you are living under a rock, you know by now quite clearly that it is a festive cum wedding season. And this basically calls for endless family gatherings and tons and tons of house hopping. From friends to the first family, to far off relatives, it’s pretty much that time of the year where …

8 Bra Options To Go With Different Blouse Designs
November 9, 2018

With the wedding and festive season hovering upon us, it only seems, but natural to go on a traditional shopping spree. While easy and breezy comfortable kurtas seem to be the best option out and can be donned for all your not so formal family gatherings, beautiful lehenga sets and cascading breathtaking sarees seem to …