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Re-Think! Do You Know The Right Bra Type For Your Shape?


They are big, they are small, they could be firm or they could be sagging. Yes ladies we are talking about breasts. You can love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore your twin best friends. But, do you know which is the right bra style for your breast shape? Find out here-


It seems like you have a naughty set. Your breasts can’t stay without touching each other, anatomically.
Closet set breast shape

What you need is

A bra that divides and rules the uni-boob. Go for moulded cups with high center gore. This will allow your breasts to settle in respective cups and give a fuller look. Bye –Bye uni boob!


Unlike close set, your breasts can’t stand the sight of each other. Girl, you should try to patch up the differences between them.
Wide set breast shape

What you need is

A bra with sturdy side wings and side boning to support breast tissues and move them into the cups. Opt for a plunge bra or a push up bra. They can enhance your looks dramatically


You are a lucky girl! With breasts naturally endowed with perfect firmness and fullness.
Firm and full breast shape

If you wonder what’s the best bra type for me then opt for

Full coverage bra that gives full support to breast tissues. You can look out for wide range of styles, patterns and fabrics, all of them are going to suit you.


You feel like a ski slope, with flat top and heavy bottom. Don’t worry!
Shallow breast shapeBroad shoulders body shape
What you need is

Demi cup bra with wide straps or a push up bra to give that needed ‘push’ to your beauties. It will give them a rounded appearance as well. You can enhance your appearance at any given time with this best bra style for body shape like yours.


The name suggests it all. You-have-broad-shoulders and a healthy body frame.

What you need is

A demi cup bra with wide set straps for steady hold. A racer back would be ideal if you have a peekaboo moment of straps under your Ts’.


You have a petite body frame and narrow shoulders. This structure is by the way very feminine and sexy.
Narrow shoulders body shape
What you need is

A racer back or a bra with convertible straps. This would give full coverage to your breasts and a steady grip to the straps.


One breast is larger than the other. Well, your breasts like see-saw Eh? Well not really, the difference is negligible and the issue can be taken care.

What you need is

A moulded cup bra in a larger size that’ll conceal the irregular shape of your breast giving it the perfect lift.


What you need is

A padded bra that would conceal the pointy ends and give a rounded appearance. It makes you look sexy and feel comfortable.


Just a nice way of saying – We know you got a boob job! Like literally, we meant it. You have surgically enhanced your twin friends. We didn’t forget you in our efforts to create best bra styles for different breast shapes!

What you need is

A surgical bra or wire free non padded bra if you are recovering from the surgery. Post that, choose underwire bra with side boning for maximum support.


All mature women, in terms of age, fall in this category. The breasts seem to sag and lose their roundness.

What you need is

A bra with cups that has multiple seams. The seams would provide firmness and round shape to your set.


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