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Swara Bhaskar X Clovia

The bold and beautiful Swara Bhaskar recently graced the first anniversary of our Kalkaji Store with her presence. The event was all about smiles, exchanging hugs, clicking pictures, exploring the collection, and what not. Here’s a quick glimpse of the same.

5 Underfashion Basics Every Girl Needs To Know

With the ever-changing fashion it becomes really important to have the right innerwear to match your tricky outfit. Trendy cut-outs, gorgeous backless, romantic off-shoulders or sexy plunges everything needs a special bra to go with it. Check out 5 underfashion basic every girl needs to know about.

Every Story Has A Lesson | Make A Change | Teacher’s Day | Clovia

Learning & teaching has no age. Wishing a very #happyteachersday to all the amazing teacher we met in our lives #EveryStoryHasAStory #MakeAChange

Clovia’s Holiday Collection – Fancy Flaunt-Worthy Bras

Find your #joy with Clovia’s flaunt-worthy racerback bras, pretty bralettes in peppy colours. Be it everyday wear or sexy party lingerie, Clovia has something for every occasion.

Coffee to Club Plans with your Bra BFF! – Clovia’s Bra Collection

Comfortable, supportive and close to your heart. Opt for versatile bras that know you well and become your partner in every crime.

How to style a bralette? Clovia Fashion Tips

Bralettes are meant to be flaunted. Check 3 chic ways of styling a bralette from brunch to coffee to party looks.

Everyday bras by Clovia | Comfortable & Trendy Styles

These ‘Not-so-basic’ bras by Clovia compliments every stylish girls’ personality. Ideal for college wear, office wear and even for times when you just wanna lounge in style. Get 4 bras for 799.

What to wear under white?

Going all white but don’t know what to wear underneath? Pick nude bras for they will just blow your mind. They blend well with your skin tone and go perfectly undetectable under those white outfits, making them your best bet!

Lingerie 101: What to wear under what

Found the perfect sexy dress and but don’t know what to wear underneath? Admits the ever-changing fashion world you might find yourself lost and clueless. Here’s a pro guide to lingerie that gives you all the minute details. Find out what lingerie to wear under what and much more!

Clovia’s Shapewear That Every Girl Needs

We all have a couple of clothes that we’ve been dreaming about wearing sooner rather than later.
Getting into them becomes almost a life #goal! If it’s only a matter of an inch or two on your thighs or tummy that is stopping you from putting on those sexy outfits, Clovia shapewear styles can make it possible for you to put them and look super-great in all those body-hugging outfits.

21 Types of Bras Every Woman Should Know

Are you sure you’re wearing the right kind bra?
There are around 21 popular bra types available to suit your outfit, body type and need.
Just how the right bra type can magically enhance your outfit, the wrong one can spoil the complete look.

How to style a multiway bra / convertible bra | Clovia

Don’t let tricky outfits restrict your fashion game. Learn how to style a multiway bra in few easy steps. Racerbacks, off-shoulders, spaghetti, tube tops – a convertible bra can open a whole range of wardrobe for you.

How To Measure Bra Size | Clovia Bra Size Calculator

Wearing the wrong size bra can lead to a lot of health issues. Find your correct size with this bra size calculator India and pick the perfect bra for yourself.

Clovia – Lingerie crafted for your curves

Here’s some lingerie fun and peppy new styles right from Clovia’s #underfashion closet. Because great lingerie is an instant mood booster!

Clovia’s Christmas Collection – Season of Joy

Embrace the season with Clovia’s winter nightwear collection. Launching a range of nightwear inspired by cute Christmassy prints to get you into the holiday mood.
Check out more such cute Christmas nightwear styles.

Clovia | #underfashion from AM to PM

Lingerie fun and peppy new styles right from Clovia’s #underfashion

Lingerie Stacking Hacks

Try out some cool DIY lingerie stacking hacks and make life easier for yourself!

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

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Lingerie Stacking Hacks
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