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Tips & Tricks for Holi


March comes with a splash of colours, thanks to Holi. Amidst such festivity, I find two types of people. The excited ones like me who enjoy getting smeared with vibrant colours or the ones who lock themselves in the bedroom fearing all that damage these colours will do to their skin, hair and nails. Worry not! We are here to set you up for holi with our pre and post-holi tips.

Holi isn’t all about wearing plain Jane whites

Go the traditional way with a modern twist; wear a white kurta with denim shorts or jeans. White is the perfect canvas for holi as it just makes every colour pop!

It’s always better to wear flip-flops rather than high heels. The chaotic festival demands running and chasing around which is going to be really difficult and dangerous in high heels. After all who wants sprained ankles on such a cheerful festival!

You can never go wrong with a white salwar-kameez, style it with a vibrant dupatta for a perfect holi outfit.

Here’s a little underfashion tip as well. Since you will be going all white, make sure you wear a nude bra because a white bra under a white kurta is only going to make it all the more visible. Pick a padded bra over a non-padded one for no-headlight show. If you don’t mind, you can also just go with the flow and show-off bright coloured padded bras under a white shirt!

Wake-up and make-up

While most of you might think it’s best to go out without any makeup because anyway it’s all going to get ruined. But, hold on make-up is very important on holi. It is so much better to apply a thin layer of foundation on your face and loads of sunscreen before stepping out. This protects your skin from direct contact with colours. Don’t forget to coat your ears and neck with moisturizer as they get really stubborn holi stains.

You can also go all chic and bold by trying colourful holi shades on your eyes- they are totally in this season. Remember to moisturize your lips & coat them with petroleum jelly to avoid direct contact with colour or swipe a fuchsia pink lipstick to add a dash of hue.

Holi hairstyles are called “I Tried”

Oiling is the best option to keep your hair safe. But would you really want to dress up like a diva with an oily head? So, on the day of the festival, use a mild shampoo and deep conditioner for your hair. Keeping your hair nourished and conditioned will reduce the damage. Dry hair and scalp are more likely to absorb dirt and colour. Damping your hair with baby oil and tying them in a messy-bun could be a good option. The ultra-light baby oil won’t make you look like you just oiled your hair and the messy bun will be a style statement. A bun will expose lesser amount of hair and will hinder the colours to settle on the hair cuticles.

Right on your fingertips

Holi colours leave very ugly and stubborn stains nails. To avoid that, coat your nails with a transparent nail polish. Or else, dip each nail in a different colour and go full-on colours this Holi! You can also take inspiration from some cool nail art styles to further enhance your party look. Applying a layer of paint on your nails protects them from damage and ugly stains.

Drench yourself head to toe in coconut oil, this makes it easy for you to get rid of the colours. You can try some homemade face and hair masks to restore the nourishment. Mix gram flour and milk in equal proportions, this scrub is the easiest way to remove chemical colours, grime and dirt off your body. Milk and honey mask will help you regain strength and shine for your hair. Make sure you don’t scrub your skin harshly because it might damage your skin further. Deeply condition your skin, hair and nails.

So, what are you waiting for? Go all colourful this holi without causing potential damage to your skin, nails & hair with our super easy tips & tricks!

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

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