Top 5 Sports Bras for Zumba
Top 5 Sports Bras for Zumba
April 9, 2020

If you’ve recently enrolled in a Zumba class or planning to enrol in one, we’re assuming you’ve finally pushed yourself to let go of the laziness and start your path towards the fitness journey. And of course, what better than zumba where you can also have some fun along the way. Your classes are all …

Swara Bhaskar at Clovia Store
April 7, 2020

4 Reasons to Not Go Braless During Quarantine
April 4, 2020

Ever since Coronavirus struck, country went into lockdown and quarantine became the new going out, we believe that there is one thing that crossed every woman’s mind- no bra days. A lot of you must have already shoved your bras in some corner, pledging to not touch them till the lockdown is lifted and pandemic …

Celeb Quarantine of The Day
April 1, 2020

Top 5 Ways to Boost Immunity to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus
Top 5 Ways to Boost Immunity to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus
March 25, 2020

As you’re reading this blog, we’re sure you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus. You’ve stocked up on all those hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, opted for social distancing, and what not. However, there is one thing that you might be missing out on- immunity. Did you know that working on …

Sassy Activewear Styles That Your Curves Will Thank You For
March 19, 2020

You have to thank the Hollywood and Bollywood beauties for making activewear as popular as them. Instagram is flooded with celebrities walking out of the gym in workout clothes that make you want to take a gym membership just so you can dress like that. Activewear is not a just an attire you wear to …

Perfect Nightwear
You Don’t Need a Dream Catcher for Sound Sleep, You Need the Perfect Nightwear
March 13, 2020

We know what dream catchers do. Hang them by your window to get a sound sleep. But what if we tell you that there is another easier way to catch a good night’s sleep? If your interest levels have piqued, we will let the cat out of the bag. Buy comfortable nightwear that will make …

Clovia Spotted on Colours
March 9, 2020

Superwoman in office and wonder woman in the house, she slays it like a queen
March 6, 2020

She is dressed immaculately; she wiped the stains of baby food from her clothes as she reaches the office. There is a smile on her face as she knows that she put a smile on the face of her family over breakfast. This is how the superwoman, which mind you is every one of you …

Say ‘I do’ to Our Sexy Bridal Nightwear
March 5, 2020

Yayyy. You got hitched and you have officially got yourself the license to shop till you drop dead. This is the time to not just buy new clothes but also to upgrade your dressing style and this applies to your nightwear too. You don’t need to bid adieu to the ones you already own, but …

Women’s day
This Women’s Day, Celebrate You
March 3, 2020

Women’s day is just around the corner and we believe that every woman out there deserves to be celebrated. From breaking the stereotypes to chasing your dreams, you all have come a long way. That said, ladies, it’s time for you to treat yourself this 8th of March. And if you’re just like us, we’re …

We Pronounce Them Made for Each Other: A Perfect Bra for Every Dress
March 2, 2020

Hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye: this is what you must sing when you do your lingerie shopping keeping in mind all the dresses your bras will go with. There are bra types for different dresses that simply complement each other like Jai and Veeru from the iconic movie Sholay.   Sheer Tops …

Sports bra for asana
Inhale, Exhale But Buy a Sports Bra Before You do Your Next ‘Asana’
February 25, 2020

So you see your neighbor sneak out of the house early in the morning and you decide to follow her to see what shenanigans she is up to. You follow her to the park only to realize that she is heading off to her Yoga class and not to be outdone by her in any …

Bridal Nightwear sweeter and sexier than your ‘shadi ka laddoo’
February 24, 2020

Sexy bridal nightwear is definitely sweeter than all your desserts put together. When you wear bridal nightwear during your intimate moments with your partner, you create sweet memories to last you a lifetime. Bridal nightwear is not just sexy but it is also super comfortable to wear all night long. If you have just been …

Sexy Bras You Would Want To Buy 'Bar- Bar'
Sexy Bras You Would Want To Buy ‘Bar- Bar’
February 10, 2020

‘Bar- bar bra yeh aaye…’ Haven’t you felt like this for all your favorite sexy bras that have stood the test of time, heating things during your passionate moments? There are bras and then there are favorite bras, ones that you wished you had bought more of when you bought them last. We have enlisted …