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Ditch Dream Catcher & Opt Comfy Nightwear for Sound Sleep

Perfect Nightwear

We know what dream catchers do. Hang them by your window to get a sound sleep. But what if we tell you that there is another easier way to catch a good night’s sleep? If your interest levels have piqued, we will let the cat out of the bag. Buy comfortable nightwear that will make you sleep like a baby…ok, babies squirm through the night. We would rather say, get yourself comfortable nightwear that will make you sleep like your boyfriend or husband (yeah, we know how you envy the way they sleep peacefully at night!)

Nightwear is so many things rolled into one. It is comfortable clothing that makes you sleep peacefully. It is the attire that makes your body feel at ease after having been restricted in figure-fitting clothes all day. It is just the perfect thing to set the mood when you want to have some intimate moments with your partner. Last but not least, it is the ideal dress code to spend time with your besties, sprawled in your room, ice cream tub in hand, ready for a pyjama party.

Comfortable Nightwear

Hold your thoughts right there if you think that when we are talking about the perfect nightwear, we are talking only about a plain Jane nighty or a night suit. Time to wake up and smell the coffee ladies for nightwear is now as classy and chic as it can get, without compromising on your comfort. There are so many variants in nightwear today that you will be spoilt for choice. You can pick the kind that takes your fancy. It is like choosing between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan; you pick the one that gives you the best dreams!

The Humble Nighty

It’s the underdog of the nightwear world but when it comes to comfort, it’s the boss. Super breezy and ultra-comfortable, the nighty is just the perfect nightwear after a long day at work or a tiring day at home with the kids. It can be as long as you want or a short one touching the knee; it’s a matter of personal choice. In all its forms, the nighty makes you sleep peacefully. And before you start to wonder if it’s stylish enough, try on a long t-shirt nightdress.

The humble nighty

Nightsuit is Your BFF

The very first advantage of wearing a nightsuit is that you can sleep in all forms of gymnastic poses and still protect your modesty. There is the button-down shirt with a pyjama or shorts, or a t-shirt nightsuit set. Satin and cotton are the top picks when it comes to nightsuits as both of them are equally comfortable. Not a fan of prints? Pick one with cute cartoon motifs. Is summer getting to you? Get a satin crop top with shorts to beat the heat or rather raise the when your partner sees you in it.

Nightsuit is your BFF

Sexy Nightwear

Let’s start this one with the babydoll. It is sexy, it is glam and hush …it’s comfortable too. Why will it not be as it is crafted out of soft fabrics like sheer, satin & lace. The babydoll is not just for your special moments with your partner, but also when you want to feel special. If not a babydoll, a short nightdress in satin or a negligee is something every girl must have in her closet.

Sexy nightwear

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The Nighty and Robe Set

Women want it all, right? The more the better, and that is what draws us to the nighty and robe sets that look like a pair made in heaven (or a Karan Johar movie!). Satin or cotton, solid or printed, long or short; you will be blown away by the options.

Catch good dreams and a wink with nightwear that is comfortable and stylish. And get that dream catcher too to make your room super pretty.

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