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This Women’s Day, Celebrate You

Women’s day

Women’s day is just around the corner and we believe that every woman out there deserves to be celebrated. From breaking the stereotypes to chasing your dreams, you all have come a long way. That said, ladies, it’s time for you to treat yourself this 8th of March. And if you’re just like us, we’re sure you’d love to indulge in some shopping therapy. Are we right or we are right?

Here are some things you can shop for yourself and indulge in some self-love.


1. Satin Nightsuits

Nothing like wrapping yourself in luxury in smooth satin nightsuits this Woman’s Day. Indulge in a creamy oreo shake and if you order a cheese bomb pizza along, even better. If you’re someone who likes to sit back at home, this could be your ideal relaxation idea- spending all day by yourself in the comfiest way possible.

Satin Nightsuits


2. Eyemask

Are you a nap queen? Eyemasks to keep you covered. This woman’s day, simply crash your bed and get a beauty nap wearing cutesy eyemasks. Detox your mind & soul and let your body loose. The perfect healthy break!


3. Bralettes

You don’t have to dress your best only with a man. This woman’s day, go out with your girls wearing the oh-so-hot bralettes. Get that perfectly hot look with those extra smoky eyes, ask the DJ to play your favourite track and dance the night away.



4. Activewear

No success on your New Year fitness resolution? No problem. You don’t always need a New Year for a fresh start. This time, decide to empower yourself on woman’s day because girl, that 1 hour will pay you for life. So, put on your shoes, yoga pants, your favourite sports tee and hit the gym.


Wait no more ladies! Mark the calendar for ‘You’ and shop your heart out.

Anubhuti Gupta

Anubhuti Gupta

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