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How to Choose a Perfect Running T-shirt

Are you new to running and perhaps wondering what to wear on your runs? Or maybe you have been running for a while but are still to chance upon the perfect running tee. After all, a running t-shirt isn’t your ordinary tee. It’s one that keeps you dry, prevents chaffing, and allows you to give your ultimate best.

And while there are many running t-shirts in the market, we are here to share some hot tips on how you can choose the perfect one for you – one that will keep you safe and comfortable while running. So, let’s not waste more time and get right into it.


Moisture-Wicking in Nature

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A very important quality to look out for in your running t-shirt is its moisture-wicking ability. Moisture-wicking, as the name suggests, is simply the ability of the t-shirt to wick sweat away from your skin and keep you dry as a leaf! This activewear tee by Clovia is a great example – it is crafted with smooth polyester fabric that wicks away the sweat and provides ease of movement. This ensures you stay comfortable and cool during your races/runs, allowing you to give your best.


Choose Your Fabric

Gone are the days when cotton and polyester were the only fabric choices available for running tees. Today, technical running wear comes in a variety of fabrics that are based on their weight. Yes, weight! The categories often referred to as lightweight and midweight, give you the option of choosing tees that are either quick to dry or those with more thermal qualities. Certain technical fabrics also often possess anti-microbial properties that help maintain freshness after a sweaty run.


Choose Your Fit

The fit of your t-shirt matters most – it’s the fit that directly impacts your movement! Running tees are usually available in three fits – compression fits, closely-fitted, and relaxed cut. The compression fit is the one that’s the most fitted, so much so like a second skin. The close-fitted tee is also a tight-fitted one but more appropriate for an everyday runner. And lastly, the relaxed cut tee is one that’s slightly loose and has a boxier shape. It allows for free movement and better air circulation. You can opt for any of these fits, based on your specific needs and comfort levels!


Keep the Weather in Mind

Believe it or not, climatic conditions play a big role in your purchasing process. If you are bound to be running more in hot weather, then you can choose to opt for a short-sleeved tee or tank top. You’ll also be sweating a lot in hotter temperatures, so ensure your tee has perspiration-wicking properties. On the other hand, if you reside in a place where there are generally cooler temperatures, you can opt for clothing with more coverage. Such clothing also helps to trap the heat that your body generates while running, thus, keeping you warm and enhancing performance.


Based on Your Needs

Each runner has his/her own needs that closely influence their purchase. Apart from the above basic factors to keep in mind, many running t-shirts also offer extra features. From reflective strips on the tee to keep you highly visible during dark hours to pockets that allow you to carry along your phone and energy bar, each feature is added keeping the runner’s needs in mind.


Whether you are a professional runner training for your next marathon or a regular runner that strives hard to keep yourself fit, a good running t-shirt is a must in your workout wardrobe. We hope, with the above tips, you are prepped and excited to make your purchase and get your hands on that perfect running tee!

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