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Superwoman in office and wonder woman in the house, she slays it like a queen


She is dressed immaculately; she wiped the stains of baby food from her clothes as she reaches the office. There is a smile on her face as she knows that she put a smile on the face of her family over breakfast. This is how the superwoman, which mind you is every one of you is one, shoves her invisible cape inside her clothes and goes about her mission every day. Her mission may not be saving the world but it is making the world of her loved ones a beautiful place. 


She does it well but she doesn’t do it all


You don’t need to tick mark all the boxes on your list when it comes to managing your home and personal front. This is where prioritizing comes into play. If you do not fold that laundry load today, it would not make much of a difference. Instead, if you decide to spend that time with your child, playing a game of snake and ladders would make all the difference. Being a superwoman does not mean doing everything as that will only leave you tired. 


She has an army of trusted aides

women and Child


The house help that arrives on time and helps you pack lunch boxes for everyone, a family that tries to support you by doing small things like hanging the wet towel on the clothes rack and an understanding boss who lets you work from home when your child is down with flu; this is the army that backs you up. No one can do it all and delegating some of your responsibilities to people who are ready to help you is the smart way that keeps you ahead in the game of life.


Time for a role reversal

Men Cleaning House


The family dynamics are changing and the term housewife has now been joined by the term househusband. A lot of men are now opting to work from home while women are choosing to take on the role earlier reserved only for men. It is the husband who takes out the trash, does the washing and drops the children off to school. The best part of all this is that he does it willingly and happily. When the husband is the wind beneath her wings, a woman can fly high and break the glass ceiling at work too.


The weekend is for everyone, including you


When the woman of the house is healthy and happy, the happy vibes rub off on everyone around her and the household runs like clockwork.  If you have been avoiding going to the gym for long, start now. Get that pending health check-up done today and book that salon appointment for the weekend. If you have been working all week, do not go on a guilt trip over the weekend and decide that it would be selfish of you to spend some time on yourself. Take the children to the park during the day and plan a dinner date with the husband at night. Ask your family or friends to pitch in as babysitters. 


Looking after you is not selfish, it’s smart

Women Spa


There is a sense of confidence that comes with dressing well and looking good. Dress smartly, exercise, eat healthy, splurge on yourself too occasionally, and pursue a hobby. The well- being of your mind translates into you being able to juggle the different roles in your life with ease.

The woman of today is no less than a superheroine when it comes to managing her home and her work front. She is a superwoman in office and a wonder woman at home, accomplishing feats only she can.


Anubhuti Gupta

Anubhuti Gupta

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