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The Right Yoga Bra Picks for Your Body Type

The Right Yoga Bra Picks for Your Body Type

Your yoga session can become a real pain if you’re not wearing the right sports bra. The problem gets even worse if you’ve heavier bust size. All those movements can cause muscle soreness and chafing that can be downright uncomforting and here, your regular bras can’t serve the purpose. You need something that provides adequate coverage, breathability, shape and lift without the poking of underwires. Here, sports bras come into play. They have seamless moulded cups, moisture-wicking compression fabric, and controlled seams. They are designed to give you adequate comfort and support throughout your yoga session.

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Not sure what kind of sports bra is best suited for you? Go through our sports bras guide to understand which bra will work best for your body type. We have suggested bras for every type of breast size.

Small Breasts

Sports BraSo, you have tinier breasts and don’t know what bra to choose! Well, we suggest you try on those dainty strappy sports bras since they’ll be enough to lift your breasts and support them. You can even skip the wires and experience comfort at its best. You can opt for the ones that have built in foam cups to avoid nipple show without the added bulk. These bras are extremely lightweight, thin as well as breathable, perfect for yoga or simply lounging around.

Medium Sized Breasts

Sports BraIf you have semi fuller breasts, you need adequate support as well as shape. Here, we suggest you choose moderate impact bras featuring wide straps as they don’t dig into your shoulders. You can also try strappy racerback styles as they prevent slippage and reduction of bounce. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics to be cool and try during your entire yoga session. Mesh details are also a great add on for that extra breathability.

Large Sized Breasts

Sports BraWhen your breasts are on the heavier side, the idea is to look for full coverage structured styles. Choose thicker band and straps for that extra support and lift. They don’t ride up and clasp in their place. Instead of plain back, you should opt for racerback ones to hold you in and minimize bounce. Cushioned cups are a great choice for they contour your curves, resulting in a very smooth silhouette. You can also try stylish front closure bras for easy wearability.

So, what are you waiting for? Give support to your breasts with the right sports bra. There are tons of options to choose from ranging from pastels to blacks. Choose something basic or stylish based on your preferences.

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