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4 Reasons to Not Go Braless During Quarantine

Ever since Coronavirus struck, country went into lockdown and quarantine became the new going out, we believe that there is one thing that crossed every woman’s mind- no bra days. A lot of you must have already shoved your bras in some corner, pledging to not touch them till the lockdown is lifted and pandemic is over. As fun as it is to go braless and be free, experts warn that it can pose some serious health issues in the long run, especially if you have bigger breasts. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself as we have enlisted 4 perks you can avail with wearing a bra.

#1 Shape up you gorgeous

Girls Wearing BraWhile you must have heard this numerous times and it may not even bother you considering the situation right now, it’s important to keep this point in consideration. Not wearing a bra for too long can naturally affect the shape of your breasts, which we hate to admit, can pose a problem after the quarantine period is over.

#2 A bra a day keeps the sagging awayGirl Wearing Bra

21 days without a bra. Girl, your boobies will droop! A bra gives that necessary support to your breasts, maintaining their natural structure and integrity. Not that it means you got to put that that bra on 24X7, but at least try wearing it for good 15-16 hours and go braless while sleeping. This way you can make the most of working and relaxing time at your home.

Also, if you are facing the problem of sagging breast, you can try Clovia Botaniqa Breast Firming Oil that is enriched with the goodness of 8 essential oils to strengthen and firm breast tissues. The goodness of these essential oils works wonders in making the breast  skin firm and healthy naturally.

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#3 With the right bra, you feel no painGirl Wearing Bra -3

Apart from the deformation of shape, not wearing a bra can also be a real pain in the … back 😛 Yes. Large breasts can jiggle a lot even during minimal movements, which can pose harm to the breast tissues. Wearing a bra keeps them in place, so you can bid adieu to the pain.

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#4 Comfort is the key, we mean it

Girl Wearing Bra -4Who is asking you to don all those heavily padded and underwired bras when you’re at the comfort of your home? Try basic non-padded wirefree cotton bras that are super breathable yet stylish.  Let your breasts feel the breeze while giving them the necessary support without going completely braless.


In a nutshell, have a little fun during this quarantine, but don’t forget your breast buddies along the way. Stay home stay safe!

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