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Sassy Activewear Styles That Your Curves Will Thank You For


You have to thank the Hollywood and Bollywood beauties for making activewear as popular as them. Instagram is flooded with celebrities walking out of the gym in workout clothes that make you want to take a gym membership just so you can dress like that.

Activewear is not a just an attire you wear to the gym. It is in fact very much a style statement that you make when you walk into your gym or Zumba class. They say, ‘fake it till you make it’ and sassy activewear makes you look super fit even before you start pumping those weights.

 Now that you have admitted that you need some sassy activewear styles in your gym wear closet lets dig into the sea of options that you can choose from.     

The Lowers to Start With

The Kardashians have set the bar high for a good booty but you sweetheart can get it too if you can manage to drag your booty to the gym every day.  Till then, you can have a great derriere by wearing the right kind of lowers. For something like a Zumba or a Pilates class, we suggest you wear tights; either ankle length or knee length to get an ease of movement. If you are into a low impact workout like walking or yoga, you can also go for track pants.

lowers to start with

Make sure that whatever lowers you decide to buy; they must be in your current size and not the one you aspire to be in. Don’t forget that your lowers should give you enough room when you are feeling bloated in the morning after a late-night pizza party.

 The tees and tops are next

tees and tops are next

Your workout wear must be crafted out of moisture-wicking and not moisture-absorbing material. Quick-dry fabrics are best for your top wear as they make you feel light and breezy. Wicking material will not let your sweat stains show while moisture absorbent fabric will stay wet for long making you feel uneasy after a while. Moisture absorbent fabric will feel great for a while but once it starts to absorb your sweat it will start to stick at all the wrong places. You want to show off your curves and not your love handles to your trainer who will then make your life a living hell!

 The most important of all: the sports bra

sports bra

We saved the best and the most important one of it all for the last. A good sports bra not only makes your breasts look good under your form-hugging gym clothes but it keeps them safe and sound. You wouldn’t want to collect your boobs as they go all over the place as you bend down to touch your toes. The sports bra gives a good breathing space to your breasts without squishing them together. The tender breast muscles are protected from any injury when you work out rigorously. You can go for a padded or a non-padded one but in a perfect size. The gym is a place for bouncing balls and not bouncing boobs, right?

The styles you can pick for yourself are so many that you can create a separate look for each day of the week. Pair a cross back tank top in solid colors with a printed sports bra or vice versa and look like a zillion bucks. A good sports bra can be worn as a top with a pair of tights to create a snazzy look. Make your workout fun and exciting as you look into the mirror and see the stylish you sweating it out.

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