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Inhale, Exhale But Buy a Sports Bra Before You do Your Next ‘Asana’

Sports bra for asana

So you see your neighbor sneak out of the house early in the morning and you decide to follow her to see what shenanigans she is up to. You follow her to the park only to realize that she is heading off to her Yoga class and not to be outdone by her in any way, fashion or fitness, you sign up for the class too. This is where she scores a brownie point and you don’t, for she goes to the class fully equipped and you don’t. We are talking about the sports bra that she does not forget to wear before heading out for this class while you head out in your regular bra. While she is now admiring her curves in the mirror, you are nursing breast pain you got because of wearing the wrong bra at the wrong time.

Whatever workout class you decide to enroll yourself in, for fitness or just because your arch-nemesis had decided to join it, make sure that you get something positive out of it and that can only happen when you continue the class for the right reasons. This includes going regularly, on time and in the right attire. The right attire includes your yoga day clothes like workout tee and tights along with a perfect size sports bra that supports your breasts while you burn the calories of the pizza and samosa you had last night.

Yoga Bra

If you are wondering why in the world you would need a yoga sports bra for your class, let’s tell you why.

Depending on the intensity of the workout you choose, you can pick your sports yoga. There are high impact sports bras for high-intensity workouts like running and low impact sports bras for low-intensity workouts like yoga. A power yoga class, however, would require you to wear a high impact workout sports bra. A low impact sports bra has two separate cups, adjustable straps and occasionally a back hook and eye closure too.

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The purpose of a sports bra is to support your breasts like a regular bra does but at the same time give them enough cushioning to protect them from any impact during the workout. It keeps your breasts together without constricting them and prevents them from bouncing and spilling all over the place when you bend down. When you inhale and exhale during your yoga class the only thing you want coming out is your breath and not your breasts out of your bra! Sports bra for yoga asana come in both padded and non-padded variants and you can pick one in cotton to keep yourself from sweating profusely. Since most yoga clothes are form-hugging, a padded sports bra would be a good choice to avoid a nip-slip.

Bra for Yoga

A yoga class will have you pull all kinds of stunts, under the watchful eye of the yoga instructor of course, but you would not want to damage the tender breast tissue while you attempt to become a snake, vulture or camel in human form. So start your shopping before you do those asanas.

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