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We Pronounce Them Made for Each Other: A Perfect Bra for Every Dress


Hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye: this is what you must sing when you do your lingerie shopping keeping in mind all the dresses your bras will go with. There are bra types for different dresses that simply complement each other like Jai and Veeru from the iconic movie Sholay.

Sheer Tops

There are bras you want to show off in a badass way with some kinds of dresses while some outfits warrant that your bra is hidden in such a way that even ACP Pradyuman from CID cannot spot a flaw. Colored solid bras for women, printed padded bras, lace longline bras and bralettes are meant to have a flirty relationship with a sheer top. Go bold and wild by wearing a color that accentuates your outfit. You can also opt for a neon-colored bra for monochrome dresses to create a pop of color.

Sheer tops

Backless and Off-Shoulder Dresses

A convertible bra is a match made in heaven for off-shoulder dresses. It is the perfect bra for a backless dress as it comes with detachable bra straps that can be styled in multiple ways and even removed completely if you want. You can even switch the regular bra straps of this type of bra with printed or embellished straps. These straps can add pizzazz to a simple crop top or tank top. If you are wearing a Bardot top or an off-shoulder jumpsuit, you can wear show-off these chic bra straps in a halterneck style and give your outfit a new look.

bra for a backless dress

Sporty Dresses

A sporty top or dress goes well with a sports bra style or a cage bra. You can match the color of the bra with your dress or go rogue and pick a color that rebels completely to create a different look. Just like every dress finds a match in a particular kind of bra, there are bra and panty sets that are perfect like Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif pairing. They look fabulous and always make a hit duo.

Sporty Dresses

Lace Bra and Panty

You cannot match a lace bra with a cotton panty. That would be like watching an English movie with a regional language dubbing. It just doesn’t gel, as simple as that. You can either go for the co-ordinated lace bra panty sets or play mix and match with other lace lingerie keeping the color scheme in sync.

Lace bra and panty

Satin Bra with a Satin or Lace Panty

Satin is seductive and so is lace. You can mix and match lace with satin to create a sexy lingerie set. Another fabric that compliments satin and lace is jacquard. All three fabrics are sexy and sensuous and you can easily match them with each other.

Satin Bra with a Satin or Lace Panty

Sports Bra with Hipsters or Boyshorts

The entire ensemble needs to be synced when you are doing the athleisure look. So if it is a sports bra or a cage bra match it with boyshorts or hipsters

Be the matchmaker and create magic; magic that makes you look ultra-gorgeous.

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