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Throw a Punch & Your Old Sports Bra Too: Time to Try These Sexy Sports Bras

Throw a Punch & Your Old Sports Bra Too: Time to Try These Sexy Sports Bras

You practice those boxing punches and learn those ninja techniques. Your primary focus is to enhance your skills, do every move right and of course, win. You get into your workout clothes, start to move forward, set yourself into the correct position and practice those punches. Well, as much as boxing is fun and a great way to keep fit, it is necessary to keep a check on proper movements while ensuring no injuries. Here, a sports bra can have a major role. It provides your breasts great level of comfort, so that you become unstoppable and deliver your best workout performance.

So, ladies what are you waiting for? Throw your old bras out of the closet and grab these latest sexy sports bras. Not only do they provide support but are seriously eye-catching too.

1. Sports Bra with Front Zip Closure

Sports Bra with Front Zip Closure

How many times have your struggled with taking off your sports bra after a sweaty workout session? We all have been there, haven’t we? This padded non-wired bralette in dusty pink is seriously a blessing for every fit girl out there, especially for the bigger breasted women. It has a front zip closure that provides ease of wearing. The band is super sturdy yet provides a comfortable fit with no bouncing at all. What more can you ask for?

2. Non-Wired Sports Bra in Black

Non-Wired Sports Bra in Black

This medium impact sports bra has a similar style to the dusty pink bra mentioned above, however, they differ a bit in terms of design. This bra has a broad band at the underbust, so that you don’t feel any kind of bounce or discomfort while working out. It has anti-chafe fit that makes it super durable. Plus, the straps are designed in a way that they don’t dig in.

3. Medium Impact Sports Bra

Medium Impact Sports Bra

This pink bra is a win-win for your bra closet. It has trendy mesh fabric that provides great ventilation and aids in perspiration. It is crafted with super soft & stretchable polyester spandex fabric that keeps you cool & comfy even during your most active gym sessions. Another amazing thing about this bra is that it is wire-free, thus provides you ease of movement all time long.

4. Padded Sports Bra with Cage Back

Padded Sports Bra with Cage Back

Do you love to wear all those loose tank tops and sports tees? If yes, this bra is definitely your thing. It has a super stylish cage back that looks great underneath your loose tees. Don this fashion sports bra and make a total style statement everywhere you head out to. This bra is made with great performance fabric and also has padding to keep your modesty protected. In a nutshell, this bra is comfortable, supportive and has a great fit, all in one!

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Now that we’ve enlisted some of the best picks for you, don’t forget to wear a sexy sports bra before you throw a punch. Just saying!

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