7 Ways to Style Bralette in Winter
7 Ways to Style Bralette in Winter
January 13, 2020

One of the sexiest and sassiest underfashion essential you can have in your closet is a bralette. Being the perfect combination of a bra and crop top, bralettes have changed the innerwear game significantly. And while it is quite easy to wear them in summer, pulling them off in winter can be a challenging task. …

10 Best Lingerie for Your Bridal Lehenga
10 Best Lingerie for Your Bridal Lehenga
December 30, 2019

The D-day is just around the corner and you have hung your bridal lehenga carefully in your closet. Your trousseau is all packed in bags, the hair and makeup appointments have been fixed. Unless you are Cindrella or have a fairy godmother, chances are that you have to take care of all the wedding related …

Top 5 Bridal Lingerie to Spice up Your Honeymoon
December 24, 2019

Are you a bride to be? Are you getting married soon and need those perfect bridal lingerie sets to blow your hubby’s mind away on your marriage night or long awaited honeymoon? With your wedding date coming closer, it is the best time to plan your sexy honeymoon lingerie. Shopping for wedding and honeymoon lingerie …

10 Modern Picks to Spice up Your Bridal Trousseau
10 Modern Picks to Spice up Your Bridal Trousseau
December 23, 2019

Picking the right wedding dress is a huge task in itself, but choosing the right lingerie is even more tedious.  After all, dressing up pretty on the inside is as important as dressing pretty on the outside. In fact, right lingerie can literally make a break or look. That said, we have put together a …

Christmas Lingerie Gift ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife
Christmas Lingerie Gift ideas for Your Girlfriend or Wife
December 17, 2019

With trees lit around the streets, jungle bell songs on the blast, and fragrance of mouth-watering cookies, you know Christmas is just around the corner. It is undeniably the most wonderful time of the year with all the relaxation, gorging on some scrumptious guilty pleasure food, and of course, gifting.   If you’re in a …

5 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt Bra
November 25, 2019

Need a bra that can become your best buddy on an everyday basis? Opt for the T-shirt bra. With seamless moulded cups, T-shirt bras are designed to vanish underneath clothes, providing a smooth silhouette, even under the tightest of clothing. So, if you have always been tired of those lumps and uneven texture, this bra …

Which Type of Bra is Good for Your Health
November 8, 2019

When it comes to bras, there is no right or wrong one. It all depends on choosing the bra of right size and as per your outfit. Till the time you’re doing that, you mainly fall in the safe zone. However, there are some bras that may be more comfortable to you than others, making …

Everything You Need to Know About Strapless Bras
November 7, 2019

Want to don all those daring tube outfits, but hesitant about what to wear underneath? Say hello to strapless bras! One of the coolest innovations in the underfashion industry, strapless bras are truly a must-have for every lingerie wardrobe today.   Here, we have tried to shed maximum light on strapless bras for you to …

5 Wonderful Push-Up Bras you’ll Actually Want to Wear
5 Wonderful Push-Up Bras you’ll Actually Want to Wear
November 1, 2019

Sometimes, to enhance the appearance of your outfit, your breasts need that little extra lift. While there are numerous bra styles available in the market, there is only one bra that can solve this purpose- the push up bra. By adding a cup size or two to your original breast size, push up bra adds …

Clovia Spotted in Bollywood
October 15, 2019

Nothing makes us feel better than knowing that even celebrities are showering their love for Clovia. We keep spotting some stunning celebrities wearing our products and killing it with their trendy looks. Keep scrolling to see who all wore Clovia and steal the celebrity fashion looks at an affordable price. Swara Bhaskar The bold and …

Watch Out for These 5 New Bralette Trends In 2019
5 Trendy BRALETTES in 2020
October 14, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had trouble finding a bra that was perfectly chic, cute or sexy. The perfect bra not just helps to lift up your breasts but also raises your confidence and spirit, making you feel incredibly sensual at the same time.   Lately, bralettes have been making the rounds in the …

Swara Bhaskar Celebrates Clovia’s Kalkaji Store’s First Anniversary
September 26, 2019

One of the most popular Indian actresses, Swara Bhaskar, visited our Kalkaji store in New Delhi on 6th of August to celebrate its first anniversary. We couldn’t be happier to have her with us as her bold and beautiful personality totally matches our brand’s voice. By wearing our black bralette underneath a beige pantsuit, she …

Is the size for a push up bra same as your usual bra
Is The Size For a Push Up Bra Same as Your Usual Bra?
September 24, 2019

There are a lot of women and girls who often get confused about what size of push up bra they should shop for. Should the size of the push up bra be the same as their usual bra or do they have to go for a size up? If you’re under this confusion too, this …

5 Easy Tips to Select the Perfect Women's Nightsuit
5 Easy Tips to Select the Perfect Women’s Nightsuit
September 20, 2019

After completing the chores of the day, we most often just think about snuggling in bed the first thing we reach home. We often take the laziness take a toll on us and don’t think about what to wear before hitting the bed, which isn’t really a great thing. Nightsuits are just as important as …

What Bra to Wear Under What Outfit- Lingerie 101
What Bra to Wear Under What Outfit- Lingerie 101
September 12, 2019

Peeking bra straps, lace popping out of t-shirt dresses, bra band showing underneath backless dresses, are just some of the many bra problems that can ruin the entire appearance of your outfit. Well, the good part is that today there are numerous practical bras available for every type of outfit that can help you look …