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10 Best Lingerie Essentials for Work Wear

Top 10 Lingerie for Work Wear

Picking the perfect pair of trousers or a crisp white shirt has always been #1 on our shopping list when it comes to work wear. What we often tend to ignore is our work wear lingerie. A lot of women believe they can do with their regular bras & panties, and don’t really need a workwear bra. But let me tell you, ladies, you undergarments for work is as important as your outerwear for work. You can’t really wear your sexy hot pink lace bra under your white shirt, can you?

So why not invest in some workwear lingerie and save ourselves from embarrassments and blunders. Let’s check out!

10 Best Lingerie Essentials for All Day Comfort at Work 

1. Padded Bra

A padded bra is the only bra that can help you escape the embarrassment that can happen because of the freezing conference rooms. You know what I mean! Camouflage the headlight effect with a padded bra. This style doesn’t just cover you but also makes your breasts look fuller & rounder.

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2.  Full Coverage Bra

Most of us ladies have our work wear wardrobe sorted; no deep necklines, no backless and all that fancy stuff. A full-coverage bra is what works best with such outfits. Offering maximum coverage with full cups and great support with a high centre gore, such bras can keep you at ease at a 9-6 job.

3. Push-up Bra

If you want to look glam always, even at the office then you definitely need a push-up bra. It gives you a very gentle lift and gives you a voluminous figure under button-downs & formals dresses. 

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4. Spacer Cup Bra

Are you someone who wants to feel at home even while they’re working? If yes, then spacer cup bra is the answer. Spacer cups are feather light cups that fit you like your second skin. They are not padded but give an illusion of being padded and hence are great for times when you want a no-nipple show.

5. Nude Bra


When wearing a crisp white shirt, women often make the mistake of wearing a white bra underneath thinking it would match and not show at all. Oops! I can still see your bra through. Wearing white under white shows all the more. Always pick a nude bra which is closest to your natural skin tone. This way the bra would merge with your skin and not leave a trace of its existence.

6. Nude Panties

The same rule applies to panties as well. If you plan on wearing a pair of white trousers wearing a white panty underneath will show. So instead, pick nude-colored panties for work wear.

7. No Panty Line

Do you use fancy well-fitted suits & trousers? If yes, then you must own the correct lingerie for it too. Visible panty line under fitted trousers is one mistake that can be easily spotted around at the office. Most of the women think it is okay to wear their regular panty under fitted outfits. Pick panties that guarantee no visible lines. This can be identified by the look & feel of the leg openings of the panties- it should either be seamless or laser cut.  

8. Thongs

If you’re comfortable with thongs then there’s nothing better than this. It’s the ultimate way of being 100% sure about no panty lines and rocking that #girlboss outfit. With no minimum coverage, this style doesn’t leave any chance of letting your panty show.

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9.  Boyshorts

What if the thong way isn’t really your way? There’s another great lingerie option for you. Boyshorts can be your best friend forever! This is one panty style that works with your formal outfits as well as casual outfits. Be it a fitted pair of trousers or a flared skirt- boyshorts keep you covered in all the right places without letting your secret out.

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10. Tummy Tucker

Do you avoid wearing dresses to the office because of a visible tummy? Well no more, a shaping tummy tucker panty can be of great help to you. It shapes your waist, back and tummy in the most flattering way. Without constraining you too much it gives your body a better shape and your dress a fab look. Ideal to be worn for the long duration of hours be it work or after work parties.


Why Do We Need a Separate Lingerie Under Work Wear?

  1. Avoid embarrassment
  2. To feel more confident
  3. Be at ease all day long
  4. To  look more presentable
  5. To compliment our work wear outfits


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