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What Is Push Up Bra?

The 3 Levels of Push-Up Bra

As a woman, you have the option to pick from several types of Innerwear –especially bras. There are some misconceptions regarding the push-up bras. A majority of women have a perception these bras are aimed solely at women with smaller breasts. Then there are women who refrain from using these bras simply because they believe it is like resorting to false advertising! You may prefer any kind of bra as per your usage needs and budget, but it is also important to get facts clear on push up bras.

What is Push Up Bra

Why Use Push Up Bras?

# Push-up bras help in keeping the breasts placed upwards and closer, and this enhances the cleavage. The padding inside such bras is usually made up of foam or silicone gel to support breast and enhance the volume.

# It is not only about having a killer cleavage and making men drool over your body. You benefit from wearing push up bras in many other ways too.

# You feel more secure about your breasts staying place when you wear these bras especially women with large busts. This is more relevant when you need to commute a lot of work out in the gym.

# When you wear these bras, your bust will appear better contoured, and you will feel confident about wearing any outfit atop.

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Types of Push Up Bras

Not all push-up bras you see in the shops, or online stores are the same. There are three main types.

  • The level 1 bras offer a gentle lift to the bust, and your breasts will get a natural lift effect if you wear these. This type will suit you if you have full breasts.

Level1 Push Up Bra

  • The level 2 bras offers your breasts a slightly more visible lift and better hold. The padding in these bras finishes just beneath the nipple. This is ideal for women who have visible gaps between the two breasts. It will give them better cleavage and a natural lift effect.

Level 2 Push Up Bra

  • The level 3 bras are meant for women with small bust who want to get better cleavage. These bras add 2 cup sizes to your breasts. Note: Women with full or heavy bust should not choose these.

Level 3 Push Up Bra

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