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The Delights Of Boyshorts

There are days when girls need comfort in the trendiest ways possible. boyshorts are a perfect example of ladies underwear that are high on comfort and style both. Inspired by the men’s boxer briefs, boyshorts are a modest and much comfortable alternative to thongs & regular panties. These provide full coverage both in front & back. But unlike men’s boxer they sit a little low on the waistline. The leg openings typically lie just a couple of inches below the widest part of hip or just above the mid thigh.

Why opt for Boyshorts?

  1. To avoid ugly panty lines in figure hugging clothes.
  2. They are one of the most comfortable fits as they help absorb moisture where your thighs touch each other.

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Boyshorts suit all body types providing the wearer a smooth fit on hips and upper thighs, thereby rendering a really flattering look. Low waistline creates an illusion of longer torso. Fans of boyshorts have also called them lovingly with these other names:

  • Boys’ cut
  • Booty shorts
  • Shorties
  • Boyleg briefs

  1. Thongs may not be a favorite with many women. Try on boyshorts to avoid those embarrassing panty lines. With right fit, they prove to perfectly complement figure-hugging clothes.
  2. They are a great option to beat the summer heat. Sleep in them or lounge around they’ll always add a cool factor to your personality. Team them up with cute camisoles & whoa you just found yourself a cool nightwear for summers! (Quick Tip: Try the longer cotton versions available in cute prints.)
  3. There are lacy options available too, if you feel lacy thongs to be too revealing. They can even be teamed up with a sexy bra or a babydoll.
  4. Offering a good coverage, this style becomes a go-to pick for most of the women.

What are the different types available?


Cuter styles in likeness of men’s brief are designed for coolest kind of girls. These come in contrasting elastics and trims. Ideal for those lazy Sundays.
Men’s Brief Inspired Boyshorts


Made for tropical weather, these are crafted with high-quality breathable and soft textured cotton. They come in solid colors and prints.



Ideal to be worn under your gym tights, this type is made in special cotton fabric that absorbs moisture. Combined with spandex, it provides better stretch while working out.


This is undeniably the sexiest one in the family. Crafted with delicate and pretty laces they cleverly conceal any problems areas. They can be bought singly or with a matching bra.


A blessing to women in many ways, this type combines comfort of boyshorts with minimal visibility benefit of thongs. They are perfect for complementing figure-hugging dresses.
(Quick Tip: Do away with panty lines further by wearing skin-colored seamless styles under all light hued bottom wears!)


Keep a mental note of the following points as you shop for boyshorts:

  1. Decide what look would go best according to your requirements. Ideal for all body types, boyshorts offer a great variety for experimentation.
  2. Even a boy short can fail you if you deviate from your fitting size.
  3. Always try to go for the longer version under body hugging clothes to avoid massive panty lines.

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