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Sneak Peek into a Party Girl’s Lingerie Drawer

Sneak Peek into a Party Girl’s Lingerie Drawer

What really holds the key to a knock-out party outfit is what you wear underneath. Be it a cleavage-enhancing bra or industrial-strength control pants; make sure to start at the foundations.  The power of a lingerie is not to be underestimated, a good one will work wonders for your silhouette not to mention your confidence. A well lifted bust is the quickest trick to make you look slimmer and your clothes hang better so buy the best quality you can afford.

Invisible Thong

Let’s start with the obvious. Thongs are the only way to eliminate the odds of getting a VPL (besides going commando, which is entirely at your own discretion). Do get one that is the right size, because we’ve seen women walking around with a G-string VPL due to a too-tight thong, which I reckon is worse than the average VPL. You do not want to be that woman.

Seamless Panties

If thongs aren’t your thing, try seamless panties that are exactly like underwear, but without the hard seams. They will “melt” into your skin so they won’t show up.


What’s a woman got to do when there’s feasting and party dressing involved? Use shapewear, of course. It’s the shortcut to preventing that post-meal bump – or ‘food baby’ as many now call it – as shapewear lingerie works like a corset by nipping in the midsection or constricting the upper thighs.

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Stick-on or Backless Bras

This goes without saying; you don’t want to spoil that perfect ‘backscape’ in your gorgeous backless dress with an unsightly bra strap (or clasp!). If stick-ons aren’t your thing, try going for a bralet which has an interesting back strap design worthy of exposure.

Seamless Bras

We’ve all heard of the VPL, but have you heard about her less notorious sister the VBL (visible bra line)? It’s an unsightly strapline or underwire that shows up when you don’t get the right lingerie. Get a seamless bra and voila, problem solved (plus, you have more cute lingerie!).

Push-up Bras

Some of us need more support to fill out a low-cut top. There’s no harm giving your bosom buddies an extra boost with push-ups!

 Plunge Bras

‘Shawty got low! You’re obviously going for a cleavage-baring dress to show off your best assets and you’d better invest in heavy-duty protection plunge bra. The more lacier, the better!

Convertible Straps

Sometimes we like wearing things with unconventional necklines, but our bras shouldn’t compromise on that front (or back) as some of us really just want that back support for comfort. Try these low back bras and convertible straps for maximum support and zero visible straps.

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