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4 Tips to Shop the Perfect Padded Bra

Tips to Shop the Perfect Padded Bra to Get Fuller Looking Breasts

It may seem pretty impossible to find that padded bra which makes you feel so comfortable that you do not even realize that you are wearing it. Trust me, ladies, the quest may be hard, but certainly not undoable.

Like you, your breasts deserve the best in terms of support. So, check out these tips that can help you buy the best padded bra to make your breasts look that much fuller.

Tips 1: Your Primary Concern Should Be Comfort

Padded Bra

Most women wear their bras for at least 8 hours a day. Is the padding covering the fullness of your cup? Having extra padding makes this style of bra exceptionally snug and cozy which is why many women choose to wear them even if they have fuller busts.

When buying your padded bra online, look for information on the different textures of the paddings available. If you have tried padded bras before, go for the kind of padding texture that makes you feel comfortable and more natural.

Once you are sure that all these parameters have checked out, make sure that you try it on before you make your final purchase.

Tips 2: Size and Style is of Paramount Importance

When shopping for a new bra, it is important to think about not only the size of your bust but also the shape of your breasts.

The style, size and shape of padded bras vary from brand to brand. To begin with, ensure that you know your true size and your sister size. If you find that the straps are digging into your shoulders, it implies that the cups are small for the bra that you picked, making them put additional weight on the straps. Next, check out the styles that you are comfortable with. The buzzword here is versatile.

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When buying your padded bra, make a point to choose the fabric and style to that not only enhances your bust, makes it look sexy and attractive but also natural. Ideally, cotton, nylon or satin is favoured over an embroidered or lacy padded bra.

Tips 3: Take a Look at the Fit

Padded Bra

An ill-fitting, padded bra looks neither stylish nor is it comfortable. Ensure that your cups smoothly fit across the breasts minus any gaping, over-spilling or even digging into the tissue. Typically, the gore which is the material between the two cups should lie flat on your chest. Ideally, it should hit the centre of the chest bone. The underwire should follow the perimeter of the tissue of the breast and the remaining on the rib cage.

Tips 4: Lookout for Reviews

There are several online forums where you can get access to reviews for specific bras that you wish to purchase. Keep a check on what the reviewers say about the overall style and fit which should be able to guide you in your purchase.

Whether you are looking for everyday support or want to add a little oomph to your bust line, padded bras can give you the boost you need. Now that you know the best tips for buying a padded bra, it is time to get shopping. Remember to take your own body shape and size into account when selecting a new bra, and be sure to try on as many styles as possible until you find the perfect fit. With these guidelines in mind, you are sure to find a padded bra that makes you look and feel amazing. Take a look at Clovia’s padded bra collection and find the right one for you!

Shopping for padded bras online can be difficult. However, these tips can make the process much simpler.


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