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Going the Thong Way: Thongs 101

Women keep on asking me why some of their female friends love wearing thongs. I mean, seriously ladies, do I even need to answer this question? With a single string in the back, thongs are best thing that can happen to you. Believe it, apart from being perfect eye candies, these thongs panties are a sheer pleasure to wear. If you are still not convinced then please do read on.

Exudes personality

I have always believed in Shakespearean norm of Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And, I am not talking about men peering down the skirt (dirty old mind). Just imagine the scenario, where you see your butt in the mirror in thongs. Thereafter, once you are out of your house, you are aware of the little butt secret of yours. Doesn’t it make you feel all seductive and confident? Well, beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder whether it is you or anyone else.

The Panty line Dilemma

If there was anything else that bothered women other than their PMS then, it has to be a peeking panty line. Flattering? No! Embarrassing? Yes! Imaging being in a meeting, presenting something as important as an annual report and the moment you turn your back, your butt starts reporting the shape of your underwear. Urghhhh! Here is where ladies thongs come into picture. Wear them and viola, panty lines vanish like chocolates in your mouth.

The Breeze Just Blew in

Come summers, and our loose shorts just jump out of the closet waiting to be worn. But, when you are wearing fully covered underwear and walking down the lane, have you ever felt your butt twitch with heat and sweat. Well, frankly mine does all the time. For me, sometimes it starts feeling like a strait jacket. On the contrary, when you wear a thong, a breeze can always air out the area, making you feel all refreshed all of a sudden.

So, my friends, now that you have a fair idea about thongs and why you should you wear them, check out some online. For a change, let your butt feel a little relieved and relaxed. After all, you sit on it whole day, so, it needs all the more pampering.


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