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Top 10 Bras for Office Wear

Bras for Office Wear

Women today have made strides in the workplace and so has their sense in fashion. Work clothes are no longer tagged as suits, blazers, starched shirts, and tailored trousers, so why should the bras? No matter how great your work wear is, a simple bra can ruin it. While a good and fitted bra for office wear can change even the simplest of dress into a fabulous one. Thus, it’s time you invest some thought on the bra you put on when you get dressed for work.

Listed below are 10 bras for office wear which are considered to be the best suite for your office

1. Nude Bra

Nude bra

A nude coloured bra is the most versatile pick in the category of bra for office wear. It matches with your skin is the the least visible under pale, dark, sheer, or thin fabric, especially your white shirt.

2. T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bra

A T-shirt bra is perfect as an everyday bra for office wear because it stays completely invisible under any material. You can pair it with your fitted formal tops or dress to flaunt no-show confidence throughout the day.

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3. Full Cup Bra

Full coverage bra

A full coverage is best suited for women with heavy breasts. It offers more coverage and support to the breasts thus avoiding the most dreaded top & side spillage woes. A full coverage T-shirt bra is always more preferable as the full cup bra design means you’ll sit comfortably knowing the bra’s lines won’t show through thin cotton fabrics.

4. Underwired Bra

underwired bra

The underwired bra is more suitable for the woman blessed with heavy breasts. It provides structure by keeping the breasts anchored to the chest, thus offering the required amount of support your breasts need from a bra for office wear. Some say underwired bras are comfortable, but the wires feel on edge if you’re wearing wrong size bra. Therefore it is advisable to always take a fit test before buying an underwired bra. Find the bra in the right size and it will hug you all day long providing you comfort and the much desired lift.

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5. Padded Bra

The padded bra is one of the most basic bras every woman must have in her wardrobe. The padding in this bra for office wear enhances the appearance of the bust and gives full support which is required. It is best to be worn with t-shirts and fitted outfits to avoid embarrassing nipple shows. However, it is best recommended to be entirely sure about the size of your bra before buying a padded bra.

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6. Spacer Cup Bra

spacer cup bra

For those who want to avoid the extra bulk of padding can opt for the spacer cup bra. This comfy bra for office wear is light as air and sports very light and soft padding that provide better comfort for all-day sitting or for extra-long days when you’re going to be stuck late doing paperwork.

7. Push-Up Bra

push-up bra

A little oomph never hurt anybody. A Push-up bra functions exactly as its name suggests, it pushes up the breasts a little closer to give you the sexy cleavage. We understand, since you are in the office you have to maintain a certain decorum, thus not wearing anything that’s too (well let’s just say) appealing. Push-up bra with impact level 1 is the best option in bra for office wear for you in this case. Get the desired oomph and confidence and add some perkiness to the boring office attire.

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8. Minimizer Bra

Minimizer bra

This bra style is best for heavy breasts woman. A minimizer bra style spreads breast tissue across the chest rather than bringing it all to the front with centred projection, thus minimizing the appearance of larger breasts. So you don’t have to worry about picking up an office dress and worrying twice whether you’ll look busty after wearing it.

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9. Cotton Bra

Cotton bra

When it comes to comfort, nothing can beat the cotton bras! Cotton bras are breathable and soft; they are the best bra for office wear in the scorching summer as they wick away moisture & sweat efficiently. They are the most comforting bra to be worn with your office wear.  Cotton is trusty, reliable, so damn easy to wash, and, best of all, it’ll cradle your breasts all day without an ounce of discomfort. Grab a cotton bra in your most preferred style for all day comfort.

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10. Balconette Bra

Balconette bra

Balconette bra is great option in bra for office wear for women who want to style their office wear with a low-cut and wide neckline – such as V-neck, scoop, square neck or sweetheart.  The straps in the balconette bra are set apart thus forming a nice, rounded cleavage. Women with broader shoulders or firm breasts look best with this bra.

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