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Cheers To Breaking The Myths Of a Minimizer Bra

A minimizer bra has always been a fancy term that most women couldn’t figure out what it means. Well, we decided to unveil the mystery and present it to you in the simplest way possible. Do you face trouble in buttoning up your shirt? Or are you constantly afraid of a button popping out any minute? If the answers are yes, then this article is all you need to know about. A minimizer bra is no rocket science, but a regular bra which is crafted to work wonders for you.

Let us break a few myths of a minimizer bra; this will help you understand it better.

Breaking the Myths of Minimizer Bras


Myth 1: Minimizer Bras Deform Your Bust Shape


Deforming bust shape

How does a minimizer bra work? Well, the inside of the bra is similar to a regular bra. There is no compromising on the comfort and fit. The cup size & fabrics used are the similar to a normal bra. What makes the difference is the outer fabric of a minimizer bra. The shell is crafted with a non-stretch fabric that prevents sagging and reduces side & back bulges giving you a firmer silhouette. Thereby, making sure that you stay comfy on the inside and look shaped on the outside.


Myth 2: Minimizer Bras Reduce Your Bust Size

Minimizer bra reduces bust size

A bra can never reduce the size of your breasts. A minimizer bra does no magic, it just contours your bust and replaces the breasts tissues making them appear in a better shape and gives an illusion of a reduced bust size.


Myth 3: Minimizer Bras Make You Look Flat

Minimizer bra makes your look flat

A lot of heavy busted women refrain from trying a minimizer bra because they think it will squeeze their breasts making them look shapeless and hideous. But this ain’t true! Instead, a minimizer bra is specially designed to contour your heavy breasts giving them a rounder & fuller shape. It also reduces visible sagging.

Now that all your myths are busted, go and shop online for minimizer bras.


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