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She & Her Lingerie Love!

‘Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood’

As the quote suggests, lingerie is about embracing womanhood, lingerie is a woman’s secret best friend; it stays hidden all day but manages to boost her confidence in an elegant way. The perfect lingerie makes you feel beautiful, and to fall in love with yourself. It makes you accept yourself and believe that you can look beautiful and extremely desirable too.

So a perfect pair of lingerie, for starters, is extremely comfortable, holds us well and hugs us in the right places. It comes in various stunning colours and delicious fabrics e.g. – lace, satin and most of all it always proves to be a useful advantage when you need a man to fall at your feet.

They say “why wear, fabulous lingerie when no one’s going to see it?” Well, they fail to notice that lingerie is all about making you comfortable in your own skin. All the women out there, yes, all of us! Every day we go through such a rough phase of 5-10 mins trying to figure out as to what lingerie to choose, we all must definitely be having that one pair of perfect lingerie that we feel most comfortable in and not mind wearing the same every day, but one pair is never enough!

“Lingerie is definitely the perfect solution to the dream body, we all want”, but then again we start to crib as all of it just doesn’t fit right according to our various sizes and dear friend that’s where Clovia steps in. Clovia knows just right, it not only understands our needs but also our budget and there all our whining ends instantly. Name it and they have it all, push up braspadded bra, T-shirt bra, non-wired not just that, it also has the perfect bridal package, yes you naughty girl, Clovia is your saviour.

At the end, a women’s lingerie says a lot about her so it’s extremely crucial to go for something that brings out the real you! Ladies, lingerie is your second skin, so don’t compromise on that.

One thing that always troubles women is what lingerie will go well with what kind of dress. The worries end here as we provide different styles of bras and briefs that go along with the outfit.

You can wear a t-shirt with this amazing t-shirt bra which will provide required bust and shape to your body and makes you look beautiful.



You can team up your tube dress or top with the tube bras or halter neck bras available in various types.



You can also pick your desired set from our trendy collection of bra & panty sets.



Pamper yourself with the wide range of lingerie collection available at Look good, feel better!


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