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How to Take Care of Your Bra


It’s not just you, but your bras too need some care and pampering… 🙂 Here’s a quick lingerie care guide to make your beauties last longer and keep you happier!

What are the reasons you need to care for your bras?

1. Everyone deserves a break and so does your bra. To make it last longer, give 1-2 days break after wearing one.

bra care tips

2. For padded ones, reshape the pad while it’s still damp.

bra care tips

3. Lay your padded bras flat in a drawer or a lingerie box. This will help them retain their shape.

bra care tips

4. For a new bra, start off with wearing it on the outermost hook. With time and usage your bras are bound to get a bit loose, that’s when you move to the next hook. This is one of the most important bra care tips that most girls are unaware of. This way could wear your beauties for a longer time.

bra care tips

5. Hand-wash your lingerie or use a lingerie bag during machine washes to avoid entanglement with other garments. A lingerie bag can be made out of net or muslin or even a pillowcase, basically anything that will let water pass through but secure the dainty lingerie inside.

bra care tips

6. You can try using white detergent with a fabric softener or a brightening agent to avoid greying.

bra care tips

We are sure you’ve been washing your bras the wrong way all this while. Now that you know it all, you can keep your delicate darlings pretty and clean. Because lingerie is the closest fabric that goes to your skin, you must make sure you’re cleaning it and cleaning it the right way!


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