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5 Secrets For Shopping The Perfect Shapewear

Working out or dieting to get that perfect shape takes a lot of strong will and hard work. Well, for all those who like to work it out the smart way, we have a wonder-garment called ‘the shapewear.’ But, before slipping into this wonder-garment you need to pick the right one to see its magic work.


Here are 5 tips to help you find the perfect shapewear for your body type.


Tips 1: Find the Right Size

A smaller size will make me look slimmer, isn’t this what most of us women think? Alas!  Breaking your myth, this ain’t true. A smaller size shapewear will instead make you look bigger causing extra bulges and discomfort. And believe me, ladies, if you are uncomfortable on the inside it shows on the outside. It’s best to pick your accurate size because shapewears are designed to cater to each size and they work their magic accordingly.


Tips 2: Find Your Target Area

You know your body the best, no salesperson or friend can tell you exactly what would suit you. Analysis your body and locate your target areas where you need smoothening and shaping the most.  Bigger bust, protruding tummy, heavy thighs or just cellulite on the legs, identifying the target area makes it so much easier to pick the correct type of shapewear.


Tips 3: Find Your Body Shape

All of us have a body shape; hourglass, rectangle, pear, apple or triangle whatever it may be. It’s very important to find your body shape and pick a shapewear that suits and flatters that body type the most. For example; someone with approximately same sized bust and hips but a slender waist would have an hourglass body type.  A waist cincher or high rise briefs would be the apt pick to accentuate the waist. Or else you a full body suit would also work in toning the entire body.


Tips 4: Choose in Accordance to The Outerwear

I can wear the same shapewear with all my outfits if that’s what you’ve been thinking or doing all this while. Let me tell you, ladies, shapewears are specially designed for each type of outfit. Whether it’s a skirt, a bodycon dress, sleek trousers or even a saree, picking up the right shapewear is important.


Tips 5: Be Seasonable & Reasonable

Shapewears can be really discomforting at times but picking the right fabric could turntable for you. Usually, shapewears are crafted with spandex mixed with polyamide or nylon which works great for winters. But in a country like India, where the summers are more prominent, choosing cotton mix shapewears would be a wise choice.


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