10 Benefits of Wearing A Well-Fitting Bra
Fitted to perfection- 10 Benefits of Wearing A Well-Fitting Bra!
July 4, 2019

Anyone who wears lingerie knows the struggles of finding the perfect bra – that one specimen that gives the best support and coverage. Honestly, there’s no hard and fast rule to selecting the perfect bra – everybody is shaped differently, but there are ways by which you can figure out what size of bra fits …

5 Must-Have Bra Styles for This Summer
May 31, 2019

Isn’t summer just the favourite time of year? Yes, it can get really hot, but it is also the season of beach vacations, quick weekend getaways to the hills, fancy brunches, lounging in a pool all day with the girl gang and the list simply goes on. Do you know what all these plans call …

6 Lingerie Sets You Would Want To Buy Right Now
March 6, 2019

Who said that you need to have Valentine’s Day in order to look sexy and appealing to your partner? There is no specific day to appreciate the smoking hot body that you have. And what better way to do that than getting some good-looking and great lingerie sets?   Gone are the days when ladies …

Valentine’s Day Lingerie
Lingerie Looks For Valentine’s Day
February 13, 2019

So, it is Cupid’s Day that is arriving pretty soon. Well, what do you have in mind for his Valentine’s Day? Do you want to surprise her with something wonderful? Well, why not get the best Valentine sets for her?   There is no better day to gift your lady love with some Grade-A lingerie …

Bra Size Chart – Find your Perfect Bra Size
October 25, 2018

Did you know that around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? So, if your straps dig in and give you rashes on the shoulders or your bra’s underwires stab you at the underbust, you’re probably one of those 80 % women. Every woman is different and so are her breasts, which is why finding …

Panty Size Chart – How to Measure Panty Size
October 22, 2018

If your underpants don’t fit right, you know it’s going to be a miserable day. The dreaded panty ride-up can be one of the most distracting situations to suffer through. The itching and twitching at all the wrong places make you cringe every other second.  Know your panty size and get done with these uncomfortable …

How to Take Care of Your Bra
June 11, 2018

It’s not just you, but your bras too need some care and pampering… 🙂 Here’s a quick lingerie care guide to make your beauties last longer and keep you happier! What are the reasons you need to care for your bras? 1. Everyone deserves a break and so does your bra. To make it last longer, give …

Essential Panties Every Woman Must-Have In Her Wardrobe
June 10, 2018

Women have particular shoes, bags for every occasion right? So why leave undies behind? After all, they are an essential part of your wardrobe. We bring a list of 5 panties that must have their place in a woman’s lingerie drawer.  WHEN TO CHOOSE BLACK COTTON BRIEFS? Cotton Comfort All The Way Gone are the days …

5 Signs You Need A New Bra
June 2, 2018

Just like that chocolate cupcake or your favourite lipstick, your bra too has an expiry date. Elastics, laces & fabrics lose their strength over usage. Look out for these signs that say – you need a new bramate! What are the signs that you need a new bra? 1. BRA IS LOOSE EVEN ON THE …

Super-Powers Of Clovia Bras
May 31, 2018

Know what makes our bras so special… We at Clovia strong believe that we understand India and its fits. Therefore each of our bras is custom made to flatter the Indian body types. Every piece of garment undergoes a rigorous fit test to make them suitable for all ages and tastes. All our pieces are …

Lingerie Style Check #Underfashion
Lingerie Style Check #Underfashion
May 30, 2018

Welcome to your one-stop-shop destination for lingerie and nightwear fashion. Let these fashionistas tell you how to flaunt your #underfashion with elan, of course with Clovia’s awesome pieces. LAUREN GOTTLIEB Look at all the cool sportswear I spotted and bought from @Cloviafashions. Great stuff! READ MORE VJ ANUSHA Spotted this online and bought. How cute is this? …

Clovia Partnership Program


Behind one of the fastest growing partnership programs, there are a lot of determined and enthusiastic minds. Let’s meet the team that makes it possible and how their journey has been so far. Esther is our full of life livewire from North East India and a proud mother of five. She is the fastest person …

About Clovia
About Clovia

Clovia Crafting #Underfashion. Fastest growing lingerie brand in India! It’s the first to go on and the very last to come off. And in between, it slips into many roles. From naughtily winking at strangers, to being your most loyal and ardent supporter. Accompanying you on your most memorable adventures, and taking their most intimate …

13 Cheat Codes to Steal the Celeb Looks

There is no denying that we Indian beauties are total bollywood queens. At one time or the other we have imagined our very own Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or DDLJ story. Bollywood inspires us so much that our parties, vacations, marriage functions and even outfits are influenced by our favourite celeb. I bet, you bought …