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All About Nightwear

Editorial Desk May 30, 2018 3 min read

A woman and her mood can be defined by the nightwear she’s picked for the night.  What she is wearing says it all about the way she feels, her mood and her need for comfort, elegance or something more. *wink* wink* Modern world’s fashionable women just exactly know how to dress for the occasion or rather dress to impress. Be it for the day or for the night

There are so many night wear options to choose from. Ranging from cute shorts and t-shirts to sexy sizzling babydolls and much more. Classic pajamas & tops, elegant nightgowns and comfortable wrap arounds are few comfortable styles accepted by women all around the globe. All of these nightwear styles have their own connotations and each one helps create different moods and are picked on different occasions.

As a woman yourself you must own one of each of these styles so that you too can create your exciting story every night.


Bridal NIghtwear
When you are a bride and it’s “The Night”. All you need to do is, dress up, get sexy, soar up the temperatures and woo him with your charm. A sultry sheer babydoll is what makes it easy-peezy. Babydolls exude sexiness are so are often related to bridal nightwear.  Be it a honeymoon night or just a lovey-dovey day, they can build up the mood instantly.

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Extremely comfortable, these cotton nighties are great for everyday wear. They are perfect for a country’s weather like India’s. Available in a array of shades, prints and designs they are a popular pick admits middle-aged women.

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Pj’s speak of comfort and laziness. If you’re someone who loves to laze around at home on Sundays rather than visiting the mall, then is what you need.
Cute and utterly comfortable with funky styles, pajamas are every girl’s true comfort. They look pretty descent even if you have to step out of the house in them to get some munchies.


Bustier & Teddies
They are great to spice up things with your special someone and yes, they are not only meant for wedding nights. Wear them on any night to make it special.



Camisoles & Shorts
Are the perfect combo for a perfect night that is little naughty yet comfy. These are adorable and way sexier. The delicate noodle straps make you look all flirty while the shorts style lets you sleep in comfort.


Shorts & T-shirts
They are the perfect and divine combo of every comfortable night. Go girl, live comfortable and stay sexy!

WHAT IS Short Night DRESS ?

Cotton Night Dresses
Cotton night dresses are very comfortable for a soothing and serene good night sleep. Own one from each of these adorable pieces only on and give your wardrobe a sexy make over!

Own these amazing nightwear from clovia’s closet and feel the awesomeness every time you wear them.

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