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Bra For Different Occasions

bras for different occasions

There are over 50 different kinds of bras that exist. Forget about owning them, we might not even know what all they are. However, they do serve different purposes. Do you switch to a particular bra while going to a party or do you wear the same one you do while attending the office? Most likely you wear the same type of bra, the one you find supportive and comfortable. However, did you know different bras exist for different occasions? Well, don’t worry we’re here to help you out with that. 

Bras For Party

bra for party

While partying you want be comfortable but also want a bra that goes with your outfits. If you plan on wearing a wide neck top, you can pair it with balconette bra or if you wish to wear a tube dress it would go well with a strapless bra underneath. If your outfit has a deep neck, you can also wear plunge bra that has angled demi cups that compliment low-cut tops & dresses. But if you want to be sexy & divert all that attention on you, then opt for push-up bra that raises up the oomph factor.

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Bras For Daily Use 

bras for daily use

Who likes wearing a bra at home? No one, right? But most women do not get the liberty to stay bra-free within their house. A spacer cup bra is a good option for daily use. It is lightly padded and non-wired so you can be assured of no hindrances while doing your daily chores. Even if you need to head out to run some errands, this bra will provide you with sufficient coverage, support & would feel comfortable throughout. 

Bras For Wedding 

Whether it’s your wedding or you’re just gearing up to attend someone else’s, these bras are a must-have in your lingerie drawer. 

strapless bras for weddings

Strapless bra

It has silicone taping on the side to prevent slippage. You can wear it underneath off-shoulder blouses, tops & other tube outfits. 

transparent bras for weddings

Transparent bra

This bra comes with transparent straps & back brand. It works well for women with larger bust size who find it difficult to wear a strapless bra. However, women of all sizes can wear it along with their backless outfits. 

bralettes for weddings


Bralettes, especially the ones adorned with lace can be used as an alternative to blouses and cholis. They look great and would elevate any basic outfit in just a few seconds if styled right. 

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Bras For Sports & Gym

bras for sports and gym

Ordinary bras cannot fulfil your gym needs. You cannot get the desired compression & support that’s required while performing physical exercises with a regular bra. That’s where workout bras come to your rescue. They are designed with extreme stretchability for no restrictive movements, are breathable & quick dry to keep you sweat-free during intense workouts. They come in different impacts, allowing you to select the one you need based on the activity you’ll be using them for. Low & medium impacts are good for yoga, running or even Zumba but high-intensity workouts and gym require high-impact sports bras. 

Bras For School 

bras for school

During school, girls wear beginner or teen bras that are designed keeping in mind their needs & preferences. These bras have soft padded cups that are non-wired to avoid poking in the chest area. They have adjustable straps and are usually a slip-on style with no hook & eye closures to avoid discomfort. Teen bras are available in cute prints, colours & designs apart from basic nude shades that go well with uniforms. 

Bras For Office

bras for office

With the ACs blaring, most women are bound to feel cold in the office. And what happens when you feel cold? The embarrassing headlight effect. To avoid this from happening, a padded T-shirt bra is best for office wear. You can get it in different colours, prints & designs. Some even have detachable straps so you can wear them as a racerback or swap them with transparent straps when required. Also, wearing a light-coloured or white shirt/top is quite common in the office. Do remember to pair it with a nude bra so that it blends with your skin & isn’t visible under white outfits. 

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Bras For Lounging & Resting

bras for lounging and resting

Imagine you are at home, Netflix & chilling, there’s no second-guessing that you’d want to be comfortable. The best bra to put on during this time would be a super light bra without any wires so there’s no poking & digging in your chest area. If it’s made of cotton, even better. Cotton fabric is breathable and feels soft against the skin. A non-padded, non-wired cotton bra will stay soft & light and allow you to relax without restrictions. 

Bra To Feel Sexy

Repeat after me, “I AM SEXY!” And if you need reassurance, yes darling, you are. But some days, this just isn’t enough and you need that extra push. We know just the trick! Try wearing some sexy lingerie. It’ll make you feel confident & empowered in no time. You can try push-up bras to enhance your cleavage and experiment with fabrics such as sheer, mesh & lace that are so romantic in themselves. Stepping out of your comfort zone can prove to be beneficial for you, so why not try it sometime? 

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