10 Things You Can Relate If You’re Best Friends With Your Sister
10 Things You Can Relate If Your Sister Is Your Best Friend
June 25, 2018

Like they say, you can’t choose your family but you can always choose your friends. But what if your family becomes your friend? That’s exactly what happens when you are best friends with your sister. She’s a friend that you didn’t really choose but you’re (secretly) grateful for having her in your life. Here are …

5 times demi took a plunge
5 Times Demi Took a Plunge
June 12, 2018

Demi Lovato is truly a daring babe. Her confidence and attitude has slayed us everytime she stepped out in uber-sexy outfits. Let’s check out 5 times when Demi went bold and took a deep plunge. She means business  We don’t claim to know much about Demi’s underfashion secrets. Ahem… you know what we mean. All …

Awesome Lingerie Stacking Hacks To Make Every Girl’s Life Easy!
May 29, 2018

Lingerie tops the list of the most tedious things women have to deal with on a very regular basis in life. Right up there with menstrual cramps and getting waxed. But what if there was a list of things you could do to make your journey with the unavoidable garment pieces devised by mankind way, way smoother? …

Types of bras for every outfit
May 28, 2018

Picking up the right bra is as difficult as picking the right dress. Straps showing underneath tube tops, embarrassing nipple peeks or even an irritating underwired bra, all sounds so relatable- right? Well, we girls face so many issues everyday picking a dress and a bra that would complement each other. Wish it was all …

How to pick the right thong?
May 23, 2018

Honestly speaking, thongs are like the boldest & sexiest ones in the lingerie category. They say that thong isn’t a thing for every woman and that not everyone can carry it. Well, we refuse to agree on that. We truly believe that there’s nothing like an uncomfortable thong in the underfashion world. It’s just that …

Growing trend of LIVA fabric in underfashion world
May 22, 2018

We all know the fashion industry and understand its dynamic nature too. With the growth of technology, the fashion industry is now capable of catering us with some new-age fabrics.  One such latest innovation is LIVA fabric. LIVA has taken fashion world by storm. What is LIVA fabric? LIVA fabric is 100% natural and eco-friendly. …

Celeb Swimwear Fashion Goals
May 18, 2018

Wondering why it’s getting so hot in here? Well, it’s the summer of 2018 that has brought along some smoking-hot swimwear styles. Don’t believe us? Check out these Bollywood celebs giving us some serious swimwear fashion goals. We just can’t get enough of these four beautiful women who look so glamorous in their swim wears. …

Tips & Tricks to Look Slim in Swimwear
May 14, 2018

A beach holiday can never be complete without a sexy swimwear.  Isn’t it? Swimwears are a must-have for any beach trip. And if you are reading this blog, there are high chances that you want to wear a swimwear but you aren’t very comfortable with it yet.  Now don’t tell us that you’re waiting for …

Do I really need to wear a bra?
May 9, 2018

Generally, girls are taught to wear a bra at the age of 11 or 12. But age isn’t the only factor that plays a role in deciding whether or not a girl should wear a bra. It’s the body that calls for the need; some girls develop breasts at an early age of 8 whereas …

3 Breathable Cotton Bras for Summer
April 23, 2018

While we may all enjoy summers, wearing cute short dresses and sipping on cocktails, trust us it’s the most uncomfortable time for your breasts. Sweaty boobs are something that can bother you and your breasts through-out the day. And if you are well-endowed then it could take you to another level of discomfort and irritation. …

How to Style 6 Latest Lingerie Trends
April 20, 2018

While we are extremely excited to share the latest lingerie trends, we are even more excited to help you style them like a pro. Yes, we are talking about those sexy little lingerie pieces that we fall in love with at the very first glance. But because we don’t really know how to style them …

5 Bras you can wear with racerback outfits
5 Bras you can wear with racerback outfits
March 23, 2018

Tank tops, muscle tees and racerback dresses are going to be your summer staples. Their flowy cuts, athletic designs and easy-breezy styles make them top our fashion list. Hold on, but what to wear under these outfits? Yes, the tricky part is what bra to wear under these racerback outfits- a racerback bra? Duh! We all know pretty well that by now.
Clovia brings you some stylish options that you can wear and flaunt under your racerback outfits.

Top 5 Bras for Summer Outfits
March 12, 2018

Spaghetti tops, slip dresses and sheer shirts – the heroes of every girl’s summer story. Isn’t it? but picking the right bras with these summer outfits is a different story altogether. The very thought of pastel hues and flowy silhouettes and light fabrics instantly brings a soothing summer-like vibe. Getting inspired by the same, we …

5 Bras You Would Want To Show Off This Summer
March 5, 2018

Summers are back! Yes ladies, we know how happy you are to switch from those bulky winter clothes to easy-breezy summer outfits. We are sure you must have started shopping for summers- light fabrics, pretty prints and pastel shades. Being so fashion conscious have you ever considered giving your #underfashion a season upgrade? Yes, you …

The True Tale Behind a Tube Bra
September 21, 2017

What’s a Tube Bra? A tube bra is a strapless strip of stretchy fabric with a thick band on top and bottom for better hold. A tube bra is often called a bandeau bra. It is similar to a strapless bra but does not have any closure. A tube bra or a bandeau bra is …