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Reasons Why You Should Switch To a Non-Wired Bra

The battle between an underwired bra and a non-wired bra has been the talk of the lingerie world for years now. Before we discuss the pros of switching to a wire-free bra, it is important we know the broad difference between a non-wired and an underwired bra.

Non-Wired Bra

  • They are more of a comfort thing, although they do provide lift and support, but in a less dramatic fashion.
  • Wirefree bras are usually much softer for our skin; they are usually made from cotton so it’s basically a haven for the breasts.
  • Due to the advancement in the lingerie world, there are new materials out there that can make non-wired bras much more supportive than they used to be.
  • They are the best option that can be worn on an everyday basis.

Butterfly Everyday Bra

Underwired Bra

  • The underwire helps to attain a gentle lift and helps to avoid back or shoulder pain.
  • Being the popular choice of lingerie, there is such a huge array of colours and styles to make sure there is something for everyone.
  • The underwire also helps to shape the breast, separating them, avoiding the ‘mono-boob’ look.
  • The underwired bras are perfect to add the desired amount of oomph that is required to build up your confidence.

Underwire myths:

Sometimes they lift. Sometimes they separate. But do underwire bras cause cancer? Could it be that the very garment designed to offer women support is actually killing them? That’s the rumour that has been circulating for decades. Be relieved ladies, the answer to this question is NO!

Underwired bras sure are a bit uncomfortable and have wires poking out sometimes. But all these instances do not result in cancer. So not wearing an underwired bra has nothing to do with breast cancer, but with the everyday support you deserve.

Why choose wire-free bra over an underwired bra?

A non-wired bra is gentle and soft on the skin. Underwired bras have alternate effects on our health too (not breast cancer of course). Haven’t we all seen marks left by the hard wires pressing into our skin? Chaffing caused by an underwire bra is not only a source of annoyance and discomfort all day but can also increase the chances of skin infections because our skin is constantly irritated.

So let your breasts breathe women! Take a leap from underwired to a non-wired bra and place your bets on natural beauty, comfort and health.


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