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How To Wear A Saree Shapewear Under Saree?

Rachika SinghOctober 26, 2018

Saree is one quintessential ethnic outfit that suits most of the Indian women’s figure type. However, we women always wish to look slimmer no matter what our size is. The question arises how to look slim in sarees? Well, a shapewear can help you achieve that perfect mermaid shape. The usual shapewears might not give you the desired shape. A saree shapewear is what you need.

What is a saree shapwear?

Saree shapewear is a tight-fitted skirt. It crafted with stretchable polyamide fabric that hugs the body. It has targeted compression along the waist, hips, back and thighs to contour and shape your body giving it a mermaid-like look.

How to wear a shapewear under a saree?

Achieve that perfect desi diva look in 4 easy steps.

1. Pick the right size

A lot us think that picking a smaller size of shapewear can make us look much slimmer than our exact size shapewear would do. But this conception is wrong, shapewears come in specific sizes for a reason, they are designed accordingly to small, large or extra-large to contour the targeted areas of specific sizes. In fact wearing a smaller or wrong size of shapewear can make you look drab instead of looking fab. You must have often seen ugly muffin tops on wearing a way to tight jeans. A tight shapewear is exactly the same, it may create unsightly bulges and tyres making you look shapeless. This is why it is extremely important for you to pick the right size of the shapewear. Measure yourself around the fullest part of your hips and waist and use a size chart(if available) while shopping for a saree shapewear online.

2. Pick the right colour

Keeping the colour of your saree in mind, pick a shade of shapewear that is closest to your saree colour. Wearing a contrast coloured shapewear can land you in a big fashion disaster. You can shop shapewears online and pick shades from a wide range of colour palette.Colours Available

3. Wear it the right way

The skirt-like slip-on style makes it is very easy to wear a saree shapewear. One has to just simply slip into it and voila, feel the magic work. They are alternatives for traditional cotton petticoats. They can either be substituted for a petticoat or can be worn under a saree. The fabric is so soft & thin that it does not really add any bulk. These saree shapewears are designed with targeted compression to contour and smoothen your back, waist, hips and thighs making them look toned and curvy. You just need to be careful that these targeted panels hug your curves at the right places.

Targeted Compression

4. Drape a saree over a saree shapewear

These saree shapewears feature a smooth seamless waistband that is very soft on your delicate skin and does not cause any rashes or irritation unlike traditional tie-up petticoats. Treat this shapewear like a regular petticoat and drape the saree around. The elasticated waistband is strong enough to hold the saree pleats in place. It also features a side slit on the hem for easy movement, while giving you a mermaid-like shape.

 Curvy & Sexy


Saree Shapewear Vs Petticoat 

  • Bulky Vs Body-Hugging

Petticoat is the traditional inner layer to a saree. Usually petticoats are made of cotton fabric and tend look bulky under neatly tied saree. Whereas, a saree shapewear is crafted with smooth and seamless stretchable polyamide fabric that hugs your curves in all the right places.

  • Drawstring Vs Seamless Waistband

Traditional petticoats come with a drawstring which needs to be fixed every now & then, but a saree shapewear comes with a seamless waistband that fits you snugly and is strong enough to hold heavy-weight sarees.

  • Flared Structure Vs Mermaid Shape

Petticoats are usually A-line or flared which doesn’t really give a flatter shape. A saree shapewear on the other hand focuses on a mermaid shape, contouring your back, hips, waist and thighs giving you beautiful mermaid-like shape.

5 reasons why Clovia saree shapewear is better than traditional petticoats?

  1. No Drawstring Chafing Your SkWin
  2. Stretchable
  3. Side Slit for Easy Movement
  4. It Shapes Your Body
  5. It’s Not Just For Sarees


Is Saree Shapewear Comfortable?

Saree shapewears are crafted with super-stretchy fabric that moves with your body. It also features a side slit for easy movement while giving you the perfect hourglass figure. The waistband is also very seamless without drawstring fastening so zero chances of rashes of skin chafing.


What is saree Shapewear size Chart?  

While buying a shapewear or a saree shapewear you need to stay true to your size. A lot of women believe they need to go one size smaller for shapewears to make them work and to look slimmer. This myth can actually ruin your look. A smaller size of shapewear can actually create more bulges and tummy rolls. So always stay true to your size and follow the size chart & measurements.

Saree shapewear can be used with or without petticoat?  

A saree shapewear hugs your curves perfectly. This is why it can be worn both with and without a petticoat. Wearing just a saree shapewear under a saree without any petticoat gives better results and works just as fine the other way. If you’re used to the tradition way of draping a saree over a petticoat you can always try with a shapewear on for a better shape & improved silhouette.

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

Content Manager at Clovia
Dipped in glitter and soaked with thoughts, Rachika just wants to share her experiences with the world. She is a foodie, a pet-lover and a writer, based out of Delhi and is obsessed with beauty, fashion, and food. Being a fashion enthusiast, she loves keeping herself updated with the latest trends.
Rachika Singh
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