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Traits of Best Sports Bra Ideal to Be Your Gym Buddy

Traits of Best Sports Bra Ideal to Be Your Gym Buddy

Your sports bra is your best pal, it holds you close, offers you comfort and gives absolute support. Which are in broad terms quantified as the characteristics of a good old friend, whom you can obviously trust. The question here is how to identify the best sports bra under the humongous heap of bras? The answer lies in a few tests- Jump up and down, swing your arms, and touch your toes! Go to the trial room, repeat the process with n number of bras you like. The one with the most comfortable movement is perfect for you.

Other than this quick test there are other parameters to be taken into account as well. Let’s ponder on the other factors you might want to consider the next time you’re out for sports bra shopping.


The key to a comfortable workout is a high-quality sports bra. The sports bra has evolved a great deal over the years; from original designs that focus strictly on purpose, to modern designs that drool over fashion and trending cuts. Good support is the key in either of the two cases. Don’t forget to look and feel great during your workout *wink*.


Gym calls for an aggressive workout system. A good sports bra should be well made using good quality fabrics and trims. The elastics and fabrics should be strong and supportive and retain their elasticity after many wears and washes ensuring a good supportive fit for many months of wear.

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A great sports bra should be easy to slip into and come off from.  It should be comfortable and supportive for all your workout procedures and should not dig in. A good bra will make workout easy with its moisture wicking, stretchable and breathable fabric.


Functionality and style come hand in hand. A good sports bra should be beautiful to look at. It should make the wearer feel feminine and loved. Long gone are the days when a nursing bra had the sole purpose of workout only. Today they stand tall as fashion statements often spotted on celebrities.

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