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Guys! Read & Learn: The Key Rules of Buying Her Lingerie

Guys! Read & Learn: The Key Rules of Buying Her Lingerie

Get your head straight, you need to banish those Victoria’s Secret images. Your girl is not one of those models (if she is, she’s already got plenty of lingerie). Your brain is trying to graft her head onto Sara Sampaio’s body and that’s only going to happen in Photoshop. It’s no longer about what you think is sexy. If you’re committed to this fool’s errand, your only hope is to figure out what will make her feel sexy in her lingerie. This is your guiding principle. Onto the mission!

Women love lingerie. And, men love it too (little surprise there). So if you are thinking of gifting lingerie to your partner, or are here just for curiosity sake or if a smart woman sent you here (winks), you are at the right place.  Gifting intimate apparel may seem daunting at first. Woman garments are preferable only if you are in a relationship with that woman who you will see in that lingerie. Presenting it to a new girlfriend or a friend is really, not the right thing to do.  So take your time and pick something appealing for that special someone.

Gather the basic knowledge

Shopping for unmentionables can be very awkward for a man. That is only because you are fishing in a dissimilar territory. Understanding dainties are not very difficult; it just requires a reading of the basics. Understand the types of bras and panties available, also keeping in mind the type she usually wears.

Become a Detective

Yes! You heard me. If you are gifting lingerie, it inevitably means that this is a surprise. So gather important information like cup size and style preferences. Carefully search through her drawer, without rummaging it.

Lingerie does not Always Need to be Sexy

Not all garments need to be sexy, sassy and should not always be about the canoodling. You may also gift her a basic top and pyjama set, which will make her extremely happy too. Caring for her comfort and being thoughtful about it, can be a turn on for most.

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