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Top 10 Bras for Curvy Women

op 10 bras for curvy women

Being a curvy figure girl comes with its pros and cons. Yes, we can see all our curvy babes nod across their screens, as they know exactly what we are getting at. While bra shopping may be a whole lot easier for smaller-chested women, it really isn’t the same for a curvy women blessed with bigger bosoms. Well, it is supposed to be a really simple thing, right? After all, it’s just a bra with two straps whose sole purpose is to keep a woman’s breasts comfortable. Okay, that rule applies for maybe fifty percent of the ladies, but for the remaining curvy girls, it’s a whole new ball game.

Shopping for plus size intimates for the sexy curves can be quite challenging. After all, not only do your girls need extra support and care but you don’t wish to slag on the style department, as well. If you, like us, have been facing a similar dilemma, we’ve nailed down our top D+ winners that will accentuate your sexy curves beautifully!

1. T-shirt Bra

Padded Bra

Let’s start with the basics. Just as every other woman needs a T-shirt bra, a curvy girl needs it too. T-shirt helps in giving a rounder & smoother look. Even if a curvy woman is blessed with fuller breasts she needs a T-shirt bra to conceal embarrassing nipple peeks.

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2. Underwired Hero

Underwired Bra

It’s no secret that we all need a little bit of push; this applies to curvy women as well. These underwired bras act as a best friend when it comes to lifting and supporting our babies. It is the perfect bra to ensure the boobs doesn’t sag from that extra bit of added weight.

3. Lacy Bra

Lace bra

Whoever said curvy women can’t have fun in the lingerie section clearly got it all wrong. With curvy models taking the world by storm and appearing on the cover of every glossy magazine, Clovia has launched a range of lace bras for curvy women. Just as every other girl, a curvy girl too desires to own a pretty lace bra in her intimate closet. No more blacks, whites & nudes, these plus size lace bras are available in bright reds, hot pinks and even neon shades.

4. Sports Bra

Sports Bra

Hitting the gym, heading for an early morning jog or even practising yoga isn’t just a thin-girl-thing. In fact, more than anyone else, it is the curvy women who need maximum support during exhaustive workout sessions. Now, while you’re busy shedding those extra kilos, these plus size sports bras do their best in supporting your breasts. They not only provide the right support and sexy curves but also ensure your boobs don’t suffer from tissue damage during the extensive work out regime.

5. Push-Up Bra

push-up bra

It’s all about flaunting your sexy curves. And nothing screams ‘flaunting em’ sexy curves’ louder than a push-up bra. If you thought push-up bras were only meant for small chested women, scratch that thought and go indulge in these super-comfortable and uber-soft push-ups. I mean, if you got them, flaunt them!

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6. Strapless Bras

The rumour has it that strapless bras are not meant for heavy chested women. But I ask you to bid our goodbyes to this age-old thought. Thanks to Clovia’s sturdy strapless bras for curvy babes that feature side boning, silicon grips and underwire that will make sure your bra stays put. I agree finding the right strapless bra can actually be a gruesome task, but once you slip into these Clovia bras, there is no looking back.

7. Bralettes

Sexy Bralettes & Longlines

Up the fun quotient of your sexy curves by splurging in a playful bralette that can be easily doubled up as loungewear when you’re by the pool with your girls. Works like magic if you plan to layer it under a deep neck dress or just go all-out with a tasselled kimono. Available in tons of designs, the world is literally your oyster when it comes to picking these beautiful bralettes.

 8. Plunge Bras

Plunge Bra

We all can plead guilty to owning at least two or more cleavage-baring dresses. After all, it’s all about flaunting those envy-inducing sexy curves. This helpful bra with a deep plunge neckline makes life so much easier when you want to take those dare-devil outfits for a spin. From the lush comfort fit to the style-meets-functionality factor, this bra should go to the top of every curvy girl’s priority list.

9. Front Open Bras

Think comfortable, think attractive and then don these front closure bras. Talking about curvy women who find it difficult to hook the bras behind their back, try these front open bras and make life easier for you. Super-easy to put on and take off after a long working day.  The best part? You get an amazing cleavage because of the demi coverage cups and can confidently flaunt those sexy curves.

10. Full Coverage Bras 

Full coverage bra


Last but definitely not the least, no lingerie closet is complete without a full coverage bra. Be it formal wear or everyday wear, every girl needs a full-coverage bra to stay carefree all day long. Not only does a full-coverage bra prevent spillage but it ensures you stay away from nip-slips and fashion
faux pas.

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