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8 Bra Options To Go With Different Blouse Designs


With sarees and lehengas becoming a celebrity favourite thing, it’s the unique, flirty and fun blouse designs that they don at every A-list ethnic/wedding party which has actually caught everyone’s eye. From boat necks to plunging necklines, to open backs, the look of your saree or lehenga can change within minutes, depending on the kind of blouse design you choose to go with. One thing you must always remember, it’s not just about being on top of the trend with your fancy and on-point blouses. In fact, your blouse can lose all its charm if not worn with a good well-fitted bra which goes with blouse style

Yes, with blouse shopping comes a sartorial responsibility to select the right bra. Now, as you get going with your bra-shopping journey, we lay down 8 different blouse designs and the right bra to go with it, to make your experience a whole lot easier and smoother.

1. The Halter Blouse

Halter Blouse

Love the 70’s and 80’s trends far too much, don’t you? Here’s your only chance to slip the halter trend with your classic six-yard wonder this festive season. While you’re super excited to don your fancy halter neck blouse under your luxe Banarasi silk saree, ensure you support your girls under a fitted seamless halter bra. With halter necks making a fashionable and huge comeback, halter bras are your whole and sole best bet! This way you can ensure no ugly bra straps are visible to ruin your glam look.

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2. The Tube Blouse

Tube Blouse

From lehengas to sarees, tube-style blouses are a celebrity favourite on-screen and off-screen! Fancy donning your dramatic feather and tulle embroidered blouse with your whimsical lehenga? Fret not, strapless bras are here to your rescue. Opt for padded strapless bras to ensure no nipple peeks and pick an underwired bra so that your breasts are uplifted and look rounder and fuller under your strapless blouse. Trendy blouse (check) strapless bra (check) Comfort ( check, check).

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3. The Low Backs

Low Backs

This one is for all those style savvy ladies who love their deep back blouses way too much. Nothing, we mean nothing can save you and your breasts under  these low back blouses other than a transparent back strap bra. Besides giving an illusion of ‘no bra at all’, these non-padded & non-wired bras also ensure your breasts feel comforted and supported.

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4. The Backless Blouse

Backless Blouse

Gone are those days where donning a backless blouse would be an hour long debate, in your head, of course! Bid goodbye to your ‘ to wear’ or ‘to not wear’ thoughts and make way for these life savior bras, more like breasts savior stick ons. With adhesive silicone bras making a spectacular entry into the lingerie market going backless got so much more easier and stress-free. Don’t you agree?

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5. The Deep Neck Blouse

Deep Neck Blouse

It’s time to take a fashionable plunge in these deep neck cleavage-baring blouses. While you’re busy upping your desi fashion ante, might as well do it with a plunge bra to make this journey a whole lot easier and stress- free. These plunge bras not only help your flaunt your envy-inducing cleavage, but also give your breasts a firm and uplifted support.

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6. The Racerback Blouse

Racerback Blouse

Giving your racerback tees a fancy and luxe upgrade is the racerback blouse. And what better way to don them than flaunt them above your racerback bras! For women who find strapless and stick-on bras a tad bit uncomfortable, this one is for you. This way, you don’t really need to opt for something you are not too comfortable in and rather just splurge on a simple racerback bra to do the magical trick.

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7. The Broad Neck Blouse

Neck Blouse

Make the most of your wide-neck blouses with the help of balconette bras. Accept it or not, we all secretly love flaunting our collarbones and shoulders. A balconette bra not only has wide-set straps but also has demi cups that let you flaunt some skin. Such bras are super supportive and keep your straps in place. Uncomplicating our lives and our wardrobe, a balconette goes to the top of our priority list for such outfits.

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8. Molded Bras

Molded Bras

While most of your blouses come with thin inner padding, but when the situation calls for, opt for these seamless spacer cup bras that work like magic. Besides giving your blouse a seamless look they ensure there aren’t any nipple show or gaping lines situations. Now who would really want that while your busy attending your best friends wedding!

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