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How to Choose Right Bra for Your Breast Type

How to Choose Right Bra for Your Breast Type

Just as the right clothes help you look and feel your best, the right bra should do just the same! Weird right? I know. Somehow, amid all the ruminating about bra fittings, bra straps, bra colours bra care, bra shopping, and bra-skipping we’ve been forgetting the whole point of the bras themselves—the breasts. Duh!

If you are finding that your bra is uncomfortable, loose, too tight or sitting wrong on you, chances are you didn’t choose the right bra to better fit your breast type.

Here are a few common breast types and what bra styles would fit best!

1. Shallow Breasts

If you want fullness, you want a push-up bra with crescent-shaped padding, which will push the lower breast tissue up, bringing your breasts together.

Push-up Bra

2. Uneven  Breasts

Uneven breast shapes are when one breast is bigger or smaller than the other breast. In other words, to two breasts are not of the same shape or size. There’s not a big difference between the size, but it’s worth noting when taking bust and band measurements.

Softly-padded, push-up, contour cup, and plunge bras

3. Thin Breasts

Thin breast shapes come with a much smaller circumference than archetype or conical breasts. Hence, the breasts appear to look thinner and longer, especially on women with smaller breasts.

Plunge, bandeau, contour, light-padded, and push-ups bras

4. Self-Supported Breasts

These are the average breast type, which means that any bra will look great! This means that with or without a bra, your breasts are fully supported. Any type of bra can be worn with these types of breasts.


5. Conical Breasts

Generally, women who are a C-cup or smaller. The breasts are typically cone-shaped rather than round. A padded bra will give you the more natural breast shape that you are looking for!

Padded Bra

6. Splayed Breasts

This means your breasts go east to west, so you want to bring them in toward the centre and remove that space in-between. Demi bras will show more of your upper breast. Look at the centre panel of a bra and see how the cups are attached. You want to look for a triangular piece in between where the wires meet, and side support panels in the cups will help push breasts centre too.

Demi cup bra

Whether you have small or full breasts, each size and shape has its difficulties in finding that perfect fit. If you are unsure what your breast type is, or what size cup you are, take 2 minutes Fit Test at Clovia right away!

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