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6 Reasons to Use a Panty Liner Everyday

6 Reasons to Use a Panty Liner Everyday

While most of the women out there might feel alienated to panty liners, I feel it has become more like a routine for me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about let me explain what panty liners are. They are a smaller version of a sanitary pad but the usage is very different. As you already know a sanitary pad is used for absorbing period blood but a panty liner has more than just one usage.
So let’s dig right into the topic and check out 6 reasons for using a panty liner.

1. Absorbs Daily Vaginal Discharge

Let’s get a little intimate and discuss the facts that we don’t usually talk about. Women experience white sticky discharge quite often and this is very normal. You’re not the only girl, who experiences this, it happens with everyone. This discharge is a sign that your intimate area is healthy and it is a natural process of your vagina doing a self-cleansing. So using a panty liner will help you absorb that daily vaginal discharge. This helps in keeping you dry and comfortable all day long.

2. Prevent Period Spotting

Not all but a lot of women experience spotting during pre & post-period days. This is again very normal and natural but what bothers us is staining those favourite panties of ours. Washing them and getting rid of the spots/ stains is another story. This is where a panty liner can be helpful and can avoid those stubborn stains.

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3. Back-Up Plan for Tampons/ Menstrual Cup

A lot of women have now shifted from sanitary pads to tampons or menstrual cups. While some of us must be very comfortable with these new age period products, others might be just trying one for the first time. And if you’ve started with sanitary pads, shifting to a tampon or a menstrual cup might make you feel insecure. You might have questions like –

‘Will it really work?’
‘I hope it won’t leak, right?’
‘I hope it will absorb my heavy flow?’

These insecurities and doubts are very justified for a newbie. In order to get used to these modern options, you can always use a panty liner as a backup plan. Just in case you fear your tampon might leak you can have a panty liner right underneath to absorb the minor leakage.

4. Maintains Hygiene

While we may not realize but vaginal hygiene is extremely important for us and we don’t really give the attention it deserves. Not caring enough can cause severe infections. When you sweat or experience discharge or use public washrooms or don’t have access to toilet paper, you can’t really be assured of being clean and hygienic down there. Using a panty liner reduces the chances of you catching an infection. Also, make sure you carry an intimate wash if you’re always on the go and use it every time you use a public washroom.

5. Hack for Camel Toe

If you’re someone who wears a lot of tights and leggings you would know the problem of having a ‘camel toe.’ For the ones who haven’t heard this term before, a camel toe is a situation when a thin fabric of pants clings to your intimate area and shows way more than you’re comfortable with. This might be very discomforting and embarrassing situation for some, while others might have not even noticed this happening. But girl, it does look very unsightly. One hack to get rid of camel toes is to use a panty liner; it gives a more seamless look when worn under tights and other body-hugging pants.

6. Doubles as Sweat Pads

Those sweat stains along the underarms and under bust have been every girl’s nightmare. It is such a turn off I tell you! But here’s what you can do to prevent sweat patches. Just use panty liners on the inner side of the armhole of your shirt and you can be assured of not having a single trace of sweat even if you’re profusely sweating in the scorching sun. You could do the same with your bra, stick pads to both the cups of the bra and wear your clothes; you’ll see the difference and will thank me later.

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