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How to Know if You’re Ready to Wear a Panty Liner

How to Know if You’re Ready to Wear a Panty Liner

Before we get started, let’s clear out a few things, shall we? Nah… sanitary pads and panty liners are not the same! However, a panty liner is similar to a pad aka sanitary napkin, but it is little lighter, thinner and way smaller.

Now, if you are wondering what all this rage is about, just know that these panty liners are far more helpful and useful than you can ever imagine. While you might have some concerns and doubts about how and why we need to use panty liners, we have done the digging for you. Here’s everything that can help you know if you are ready to wear a panty liner.

Watching Up For Your First Period

Watching Up For Your First PeriodI’m sure, all of you have had that first period talk with your mom and a lot of us might have been handed out a sanitary pad even before having their first period. A lot of moms prepare their princess for womanhood well in advance.  So, a panty liner can come in handy when young girls are expecting to have their first period. In brief, young girls experience spotting and vaginal discharge before having their first period and sometimes that might make them feel uncomfortable. To avoid this situation, it is well-advised to use panty liners instead of sanitary pads, which work effectively when it comes to vaginal discharge. This way young girls also get a basic understanding of how to use a sanitary napkin and to get comfortable with it for all day long usage.

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SpottingFirstly, spotting is defined as light vaginal bleeding that happens outside of your menstrual period dates and is quite common in women and it’s totally fine to experience one. What is not okay is to do nothing about it. Most women usually prefer sanitary pads for spotting. However, sanitary pads might make a good deal to prevent your undies from getting ruined, but they are particularly designed for your heavy flow days. Using a sanitary pad for mere spotting means wasting an entire pad that you could have used on a heavy flow period day. This is when you need a panty liner, which is specially crafted for days where you experience spotting or vaginal discharge. These are incredibly useful since you don’t notice them as much as pads and can feel more flexible and comfortable. They are smaller and slimmer and just perfect for days you experience spotting.

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For Your Less Flowy Days

For Your Less Flowy DaysYour period gets lighter and lighter by the time it ends. Most of you might want to stick to your basic sanitary pads even on your lighter days but here’s what you have to know. A panty liner can be a great choice for your lighter days as it is really thin and works best for less flowy days as it’s less bulky than a pad. This way you can save up your sanitary pads for your upcoming period.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal DischargeAhhh! Did you also start feeling like the benefits of panty liners are unlimited? If you are talking about vaginal hygiene then hell yeah! A panty liner helps to maintain a moist free, fresh and clean feeling throughout the time it is worn. This is the very reason why panty liners were created in the first place. Regular vaginal discharge is very common and that can at times make you feel sticky down there. It’s not always possible to change into fresh undies especially when you’re on the go, this is when a panty liner comes to your rescue it keeps you dry and leaves you feeling fresh all day long. It also helps keep your favourite panties clean.

Back-up For Your Tampons/Cup

Back-up For Your Tampons/CupDid you ever freak out when you felt like you were bleeding even though you are using a tampon during your periods? Yeah, sometimes due to overflow, there might be leakage. But here’s a catch, you don’t have to wear a pad along with your tampon just so you can avoid your undies from getting ruined. Swap your sanitary pads with panty liners. They are very thin and work best as back-ups for your tampons or menstrual cups. Keep in mind that tampons and menstrual cups are generally effective when you use them properly, but if you’re new to using them, a panty liner can be a little helpful until you get used to the new-age menstruation products.

There are endless reasons to claim that panty liners make your life a bit easier and help you keep your hygiene. Now if you are wondering where to find some good and effective panty liners that help you feel fresh and clean every day then do check out Gal Pal Panty Liners recommended by Clovia. We have introduced the brand-new Panty Liners for your everyday freshness and comfort.



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