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Feminine Hygiene – Properly Cleaning Of Your Intimate Area

Feminine Hygiene - Properly Cleaning Of Your Intimate Area

Dear ladies, it’s time to have some real talk! The kind of talks which most of us hesitate or shy away from, but these conversations are extremely necessary. It’s high time that we start caring about intimate hygiene and give a little more attention to our lady bits. Your vagina has a completely different care routine being the most delicate body part. Well, if you are willing to adopt some proper cleaning habits that might make a huge difference in your health and lifestyle then, here you go: From intimate wash to menstrual hygiene products, we have covered everything you need to know about feminine hygiene. Keep reading to know more about proper cleaning and maintaining your intimate parts.

Maintaining pH

Your intimate area has a completely different pH level when compared to any other body parts. If you are using certain intimate washes to clean the area down there then good, but if you prefer to use a basic bathing soap or a shower gel, then you might want to know this. Using soap can actually cause or aggravate issues such as odour, dryness or recurrent infections by upsetting the pH balance of your vagina and intimate area.
If you are wondering what’s the harm in a little disbalance in the pH value, it can disrupt the natural vaginal flora, which will, in turn, allow the harmful bacteria to grow rapidly.


Well, it’s totally normal for a woman to produce clear or white discharge. In fact, clear and white discharge is the natural lubrication that your vagina produces to keep your vaginal tissues moist and clean. In simple words, discharge is your vagina’s way of cleaning itself and it is a sign of a healthy vagina.

If you are ever concerned about your discharge, take a look at the colour. A clear or white discharge is always a safe sign. Your discharge might appear reddish-brown during your menstruation and that’s normal. But if you ever find if the colour is grey, green or yellow then you might need to consult with your doctor. Using an intimate wash can help you get rid of the sticky wetness while maintaining the pH level, making you feel fresh all day long.

You can also use panty liners to absorb the regular everyday discharge and leave you feeling fresh and dry.

All About Odour

Firstly, no vagina is odourless, nor should they be! A healthy vagina smells like a lot of things and flowers isn’t one of them. Basically, the smell of your vagina might change depending on your food habits and menstrual cycle. But if you find any pungent or unpleasant smell then it is well advised to consult your doctor. In certain conditions, some vaginal infections can lead to bad odour, so consulting a doctor would help in such cases.

Menstrual Hygiene

Maintaining intimate hygiene, especially during menstruation can be a task. Keep washing your vagina more than usual. Make sure you change your sanitary pads/tampons within 6 hours. Don’t let your menstrual protection products stay in for too long, that might lead to infections.

Sex and Hygiene

Practising safe sex not only prevents dangerous diseases but it also keeps vaginal infections away. Also, it is advised to wash your intimate area after intercourse. Usually, after an intimate time with your partner, there will be a discharge and exchange of fluids which if kept stagnant for so long can cause health issues like UTI. So, it’s best to take a shower or at least wash your intimate parts.

Is Douching Advised?

For people who might not know what douching is, it involves squirting a solution into the vagina in order to clean it. It can be anything, for best example let’s say jet sprays. It doesn’t really work and is extremely harmful. Always remember that your vagina is very sensitive unlike your other body parts and practising douching is not so healthy and can lead to complications.

Now that we have discussed everything about proper cleaning, it’s time to know what’s best suits your intimate area. You need a specific intimate wash that can help you balance the pH of your vagina and can prevent infections and keep your intimate parts clean and fresh. Clovia has introduced a brand-new feminine hygiene product called Gal Pal Intimate Wash. That has been specially designed to take care of your intimate area, leaving you feeling clean and comfortable. This intimate wash not just helps in cleansing your vagina but also helps in lightening and tightening of the skin.

All of these products have been dermatologically and gynecologically tested and are totally hypoallergenic. You could use Clovia Gal Pal Intimate Wash during periods & pregnancy also.

So, hurry up and look into our website to order your self-care essentials right away!



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