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Wondering What Bra Will Go Best With Lehenga Choli

Indian attire, especially lehenga choli looks too attractive and beautiful but is very tricky to find out right bras for cholis.  The shape of your breasts and silhouette directly depends on your selection of bra for lehenga choli.  The more at ease you feel in your lehenga choli/saree the more beautifully will you be able to carry it off!

Love those classic Indian embroidered and dazzling lehenga choli designs, Indo-western lehenga or Sabyasachi lehenga cholis but can’t figure out the bra to go with them? We’re here to help you find the best bra for a lehenga blouse!

1. Backless Bra for Backless Cholis

Backless Bra

A backless lehenga choli is to die for! But as we all know a backless lehenga blouse design usually requires a strapless bra or a stick-on bra that covers up the right areas and leaves your back and shoulders exposed. So, if you are donning a backless choli with your wedding or engagement lehenga then a backless bra is the best option for you. The transparent back straps in this bra make it an ideal pick for your backless lehenga choli.

2. Plunge Bra for Deep Neck Choli

A plunge bra is the most desired bra for a lehenga blouse. And is exactly what you’ve been looking for to match those blouses with deep necks. Not only does it function as a normal bra but also this bra has the features to solve all your woes when wearing a deep neckline.

This one is non-padded for your comfort and offers a versatile fit. Proposing good support and comfort, a plunge bra will make you feel bold enough to wear a deep-neck blouse.

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3. Multiway Bra for One-Shoulder Choli

Multiway Bra

A multiway bra is undebatably the most multifunctional bra to be worn under any kind of lehenga choli design. A Multiway bra comes with detachable straps that one can interchange and arrange in a way they want. So whether you want a halter neck or crossed back, you will be able to alter the look according to your blouse/choli style.

4. Push-Up Bra for Heavy Embrodried Choli

Indian lehenga choli is crafted with heavy embroidery and thus needs to be paired with a bra that gives your body the illusion of a fuller appearance. Which bra can do justice to your lehenga choli better than a push-up bra?

A push-up bra is designed to enhance the shape of your breasts thus giving your body that much-desired curvaceous look under the heavily embroidered lehenga blouse designs. If you happen to be fond of wearing low and deep necklines, then you should definitely opt for this style to do justice to the dress by accentuating your cleavage.

Not only this, a push-up bra is also the best pick for all your trendy crop tops and lehenga styles.

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5. Padded T-shirt Bra for Light Cholis

After having taken so much effort to look your best it would suck to have the seam of your bra visible underneath your lehenga blouse designs. We have a seamless bra for your rescue, opt for a Padded T-shirt bra for a comfortable and worry-free & seam-free night.

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6. Underwired Bra for Heavy Cholis

If you’re blessed with heavy breasts, then this is the bra for you. Your sagging breasts will no more be a fashion block for your beautiful lehenga choli with an underwired bra underneath. This is the best bra for a lehenga blouse and gives the desired lift and support to your twins and offers a perfect rounded silhouette to your figure. The Underwired bras are available both with and without padding, depending upon your choice of padding preference you can go for any style in an underwired bra.

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7. Balconette Bra for Broad Neckline Cholis

This bra is best suited for the wide neck latest lehenga choli style of yours. A Balconette bra is crafted to offer demi cup coverage, meaning you cannot only wear your boat neck lehenga cholis/blouses with this bra style but also flaunt deep neck styles at the same time.

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8. Strapless Bra for Strapless Cholis

A strapless bra is specially for fashionistas! It’s time to show off your perfect shoulders in the Indo western lehenga without worrying about the straps show. This stylish bra for lehenga blouse, with its silicon strap and balconette bra style, promises utmost support and comfort under your off-shoulder choli.

So, what bra should you wear with your lehenga choli? The answer depends on the neckline and cuts of your outfit. If you’re wearing a deep V-neck or plunging neckline, go for a plunge bra to create extra cleavage. Try a strapless bra for high necklines or boat necks to keep your look sleek and polished. And if you have a sheer lehenga choli, choose a nude colour bra to avoid showing too much skin. Ultimately, it’s important to consider how each element of your outfit will work together and choose the right bra to complement it. With these tips in mind, you can feel confident and beautiful in any lehenga choli.

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