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Strapless Bra for Ladies Blessed With Large Breasts

Strapless Bra for Ladies Blessed With Large Breasts

If you’ve been #blessed with big boobs then you know that bra shopping is literally the bane of your existence. Finding a good strapless bra is no easy feat when you have a large chest. And by “no easy feat,” I mean it’s a literal nightmare. There’s a lot of poking, prodding, adjusting, readjusting, stabbing, and flopping involved, and if you’ve ever had to deal with it, you know exactly how awful it can feel.

Best Strapless Bras for Large Cup Sizes

So you’ve been blessed with an ample bosom. Mazel tov! Your bras need to be supportive, yet comfortable enough to avoid the dreaded bra strap digging into your shoulder blade and back. And if they could avoid looking like industrial warehouse support that would be nice too.

Here are the Best Tips for Your Big Girls:

Get fitted

Knowing your correct bra size is important for all women but busty women even more so. From quad-boobs (i.e. that second pair of boobs you get when you’re spilling out of the cups) to unnecessary back rolls, having the wrong bra can wreak havoc with your overall shape.

The Bra Should Fit Firmly Around Your Frame

Women often associate looseness with comfort, but bras should always have a snug fit. The bra should be tight enough that you can fit only two fingers under the band. The back of the bra should be level with or lower than the front. You want it to be stable as you move throughout the day.

Surpass the Trickier Fit

Strapless bras also need to fit firmly around the body, but because you don’t have the support of the straps, you may need to go up a cup size so it doesn’t pinch the breasts and create a ridge across the top. A good thing to look for in a strapless bra is the that has latex or a grip strip across the body to hold it in place better since you don’t have the additional support of the straps.

MYTH: You can Forget About a Strapless Dress

Also untrue. Don’t you dare throw away any of your fabulous dresses! You can find the right support if you look hard enough. A bra like the Clovia’s strapless bra is a smoothing strapless option that offers excellent support, especially on a fuller bust.

Celebrate your curves and love what you’ve got!

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