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Plunge Bras to Rescue Your Sexy Outfits

“I would love to wear that top, but the neckline is way too low-cut”, or “what the heck am I supposed to wear underneath a plunging neckline like that?!” DON’T please don’t let the undergarment confusion or your bust stop you from wearing that sassy, gorgeous outfit.  Plunge bras are an awesome solution to all your fashion woes. Whether you want to show off your cleavage or cover it up. Go for this solution to wear underneath deep v-neck or plunging necklines.

Hurray weekend parties, here we come!

If you’d like for your bra to stay hidden, go with a deep plunge bra that matches (or can be concealed by) the silhouette of your outfit. Some bras that are front closure tend to have a very low, small centre gore (where it tacks against your body, in between your breasts). Other bras simply have a nice deep plunge and thin centre gore. Plunge bras are perfect for necklines that extend below your sternum. For some women, a plunge cup will actually fit better than a demi cup or full coverage.

Here are three reasons you should try a plunge cup if you haven’t already:

No Poking

If your chief bra complaint is typical that wires poke your chest or sit on your breasts, then a plunge style is definitely for you. Instead of a wire that goes all the way from your side to the centre of your chest, the wire in a plunge cup is shorter, resulting in less poking and prodding. Women who have found other underwire bras uncomfortable due to the ever-present feeling of wires will find much-welcomed relief in a plunge style.

Angled cups

A common bra misconception is that women with larger cup sizes can’t wear plunge cups because they’ll spill out of them. I can understand this — the cut initially looks like less coverage, and the word “plunge” might be enough to turn some away. If you’re one of these women, hear me out. The angled cups and deeper-v in a plunge style bra will actually give you more cup coverage at the top, especially with the mesh overlay. In fact, if you’re larger breasted and worry about cup overflow, this bra provides the “safety-mesh” you’re looking for. Think of it as a way to show a little skin without sacrificing comfort or coverage. Win, win!

Flaunt the plunge

The Holy Grail of your lingerie, the right caged bra can make or break your entire look.  Let’s face it, struttin’ around in a sexy little bodycon dress feels a whole lot better when you’ve got just the right bra to help you flaunt that figure!  A sexy cage bralette gives just the right amount of coverage to add some fun to any look! Let your lacey caged adventures begin here!

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