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Reasons You Should Not Stop Wearing A Bra

Reasons You Should Not Stop Wearing A Bra

Since the wave of feminism has hit us, some people have a different approach to proceed with the corresponding value. ‘Free the nipple’ has been a tagline rendered over a while, with not wearing a bra being symbolic of retaining the rights to freeing female bodies of all prejudice. On the contrary, not wearing a bra has been a lifestyle choice for some. Like, come on, going braless gives the ultimate joy one can seek.  

Even though going braless serves immeasurable comfort, there’s a downside to not wearing a bra. We understand the world is swiftly taking on the idea of going braless for both causing awareness and choosing comfort, the longer your stop wearing a bra will lead to consequences that comes with it. 

Saggy Breasts

We aren’t strangers to the concept of saggy breast and are well aware of what causes it. The only way to prevent your boobs from sagging is by wearing a bra. Without a bra, your breast tissues tend to stretch, due to gravity, duh! To give an uplifted appearance for a longer period it is mandatory to have support which, again, can be achieved while wearing a bra. The size of your breast doesn’t imply that your breasts won’t sag, it will happen to you regardless of your breast is heavy or not. Wearing a T-shirt bra that’s non-padded or even non-wired can do good to your breasts. T-shirt bras come in different prints and designs that can be a great choice while preventing the sagging, it’s a win-win kinda situation. 

Back Pain for heavier breast

This one’s for the ladies with heavier breasts, and struggling with back pains. Even going braless might seem to be comforting for a certain period, but will eventually lead to issues like back pain. Heavy breast needs support to release the pressure that’s been accumulated at your back, and the muscles that get tensed carrying all the weight of your breast. Wearing the correct bra will ensure the posture stays maintained and even out the pain in the chest, back and shoulders that’s been triggered with no support and strain caused on the muscles due to it. M-frame bras offer great support and are designed for women with heavier breasts. Choose the correct bra, and get relief from the ongoing pain you have been facing. 

Correct Bra for the choice of activity

Not wearing a bra or wearing the wrong kind is the same in this situation. Subsequently, observing the needs of your body at a particular activity will ensure uninterrupted completion. Imagine going braless during your morning runs or be it at the gym, would you really be able to perform a certain activity? Needless to say that wearing a regular bra is no different than going braless since none of them will suffice the condition. Sports bras are designed to conquer the activity while taming the bounce and providing the support needed during those hours. There’s a reason why the market is filled with different styles of bras according to the activity, so invest right. 

Going braless while wearing a fitted top?

Going braless is all fun and games until you wear a fitted top and notice getting the headlight effect. Wearing a bra might solve the situation while giving a flattering shape. If you are comfortable being in a situation where your nipples create a bump like effect through your top, you go girl! If not, you know exactly what to do. Mostly, it is not even to raise awareness you are doing your part, but in some situations, you’ve got to read the room and do as needed just so you feel comfortable. For a fitter top with a plunging neckline, we would suggest you a push-up bra, for an uplifted look. 

Whenever you decide to start wearing a bra again, Clovia has a range of bras you can pick from considering the bras are of good quality and are at affordable rates. Clovia makes sure that each product is designed to fulfil the expectations of our customers while providing the utmost comfort with all the items. With a collection of bras in different styles, patterns, prints, colours and more, there are innumerable products you can pick from that are trendy and will suffice your fashion buds. 

Going braless or not is a choice only you can make, but once in a while wearing a bra knowing the benefits is essential as well. Choose the right fitted bras that are comfortable as well as stylish, and you’ll start enjoying the feel of it. 

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