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Top 9 intimate hygiene tips for every woman

Top 9 intimate hygiene tips for every woman

So, let’s talk about something that we should talk about but don’t talk about because we feel we shouldn’t talk about but actually we need to talk about [I need therapy]. Now that you have recovered from that mind-twisting statement, I’ll come straight to the point. Intimate hygiene is something we don’t address quite openly and regularly and as a result, we ignore one of the most important factors of a healthy body. Believe it or not, ignoring intimate hygiene can lead to long term health problems, discomfort & diseases. But, because you are a part of the Clovia family, we care about you and we have some tips for you on intimate hygiene that can help you be at the prime of your health.

1. Keep the undergarments clean and dry

Keep the undergarments clean and dryYour undergarments play a pivotal role in your intimate hygiene and it is important that you keep your undergarments clean and dry. Clean and dry undergarments ensure that there is no irritation in your intimate areas and it prevents the buildup of bacteria that can cause infections which leads to further health complications.

One mistake that most Indian women make is drying their lingerie within the four walls of our bedroom or washroom. This leaves your undergarments damp and moist making it a hotbed for bacteria growth in the fabric. Which is why you should always dry your lingerie in open spaces and under the sunlight. Also, choose cotton panties for every day because that’s one fabric know best for breathability.

2. Don’t wear your last night’s PJs

Don't wear your last night's PJsSo, you had a good night sleep and you feel lazy and comfortable in your PJs and decide to stick to them. Don’t! your body discharges fluids during your sleep that may not be good for your intimate areas and have to be washed away the next day. This becomes extremely important for women who go commando while sleeping. So break that lazy bone and go take a shower and change into fresh new PJs if you want to feel clean and healthy down below.

3. Clean up after intercourse

We have to address this issue because we know you won’t. Always clean up after an intimate time with your partner because the discharge and exchange of body fluids can cause health issues like UTI, if kept stagnant for long. So make sure you have a bath or at least clean up your intimate areas before you go for the cute cuddle.

4. NEVER use soap to wash your intimate parts

Intimate WashNow many of you out there might be using your regular soap/ body wash with water for cleaning your intimate areas as well. This is a very wrong practice and though you don’t see it yet, it can cause long term ill effects on the skin in your intimate areas leading to infections. The reason is that the pH value of your body and vagina differ and which is why your vagina requires milder products. So, if you do this, stop and shift to a gentle intimate wash that cleanses your vaginal and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. These intimate washes can be used on everyday basis.

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5. Say NO to scented feminine products

Say NO to scented feminine productsSo you thought all those jasmines, rose or lily scented products were manufactured using real flower scents? Sister, you’re too naive! All the scented products use synthetic and artificial agents to add the scent in their products and these substances can be really harmful to your skin. Instead, use a non-scented mild intimate wash of the right pH value and that will help you clean and that would eventually help you get rid of vaginal odour.

6. No More Jet Spraying

No More Jet SprayingLadies, ladies, ladies just because the jet spray is a quick fix for cleaning does not mean it is the right way to clean your intimate area. The water quality and the water pressure can have adverse effects on the sensitive skin below. You need to be soft and gentle when you clean your intimate areas so avoid jet sprays.

7. Change pads/tampons regularly

Change pads/tampons regularlySince we are talking about intimate hygiene tips, we have to address menstrual hygiene as well and why not? It is one of the most important factors of hygiene. Make sure you are using the right sanitary products [pads, tampon or menstruation cup] and change them regularly as during your cycle there is a chance of bacteria build-up and you won’t want that causing you trouble, right? So pay attention to the time and keep changing your sanitary napkin/tampon.

Sanitary PadAlso understand that pad rashes are not normal, if you’re using sanitary pads for your menstruation days and they give you rashes, we suggest you switch immediately to Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads. These sanitary napkins have a super-soft top sheet that feels like a feather on the skin and leaves you rash-free at the end of the cycle.

8. Practice safe sex

Practice safe sexAs mentioned earlier, you should clean up after an act of intimacy. But, it’s even better if you practice safe sex. Use protection and insist on your partner to do the same as it is safe and beneficial for both of you as it prevents infections that are harmful to your health.

9. Learn the right way to wipe

Learn the right way to wipeYou need to learn the right way to clean as well cause just cleaning isn’t what works, you need to do it the right way or you might just end up risking more damage. Use mild products and always go from front to back and not the other way around as that leads to bacteria travel which is something you would want to avoid.

Now that you know all about intimate hygiene it’s time to shop some self-care essentials. Check out the intimate hygiene range of products at Clovia that are high in quality and affordable. Wishing you the best of health.

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