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7 Vaginal Care Mistakes You Might Be Making

7 Vaginal Care Mistakes You Might Be Making

Did you know that about 90% of women experience vaginal infection at some or the other point in their lives? As much as we hate to admit that, it’s true. And as for the causes, they usually remain unknown because of misinformation and lack of knowledge, which is why we are here to help you. Here are some common mistakes you usually make which may be affecting your vagina in more ways than you can imagine.

1. Using scented soaps

aurelia duboisOf course, cleaning down there is imperative to maintain personal hygiene, but using a soap won’t cut it. In fact, it will only make it worse. Soaps can mess your normal self cleansing vagina and disrupt its pH levels, causing dryness and amplifying the chances of infections. Instead, you can use intimate washes that are specially designed for your vagina to effectively cleanse it while retaining its natural pH balance.

2. Unhealthy diet

Unhealthy dietThey say you are what you eat, and that stands too for your vagina too. What you consume up there has a significant impact down there, so make sure you take a diet full of nutrients and stay hydrated. Certain foods like garlic, yogurt, apple cider vinegar can also help battle yeast infections and dryness.

3. Wearing synthetic undies

Wearing synthetic undiesWearing fancy synthetic underwear once a while is okay, but if you’re wearing it too often, you’re making a huge #underfashion mistake. Restrict wearing synthetic fabrics as they increase moisture in your genital area, which can thereby lead to bacterial infection. Opt for cotton for its super breathable, keeping your skin cool & dry.

4. Super tight panties

Your panties should have a snug fit, which implies it shouldn’t be too tight or loose. They should have ample room for breathability. After all, the last thing you want is moist underpants messing with your intimate hygiene.

5. Not changing pads often

sanitary napkinsDoctors recommend changing pads every 3-4 hours but apparently, a lot of women ignore this. Wearing the same pad over the recommended time stretch can make the ideal feeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, it can also cause irritation and unpleasant odour, which is the last thing you’d want. So, ensure to keep changing your period pads regularly to avoid sogginess.

6. Wiping from the back to the front

Wiping from back to the frontIt’s probably okay to wipe tissues from the back to the front. What’s the deal, right? If this is what you’ve been thinking all your life, you’re making a huge mistake. Your vagina and butt are different areas of the body and have different bacteria doing the job. As your vagina is super sensitive, you don’t want to compromise with its health and make it prone to any sort of infection. So, make it a thumb rule to wipe from back to front and not vica versa.

7. Swimming after hair removal

Swimming after hair removalWhether you shave your vagina or wax it, swimming right after hair removal is not a good idea. Since your skin is freshly cleaned, it becomes super sensitive, making a hotbed for bacterias and infections. So, be sure to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours after the hair removal treatment to avoid contact with chlorine.

That said, it’s time to keep a check on your intimate health ladies! Be sure to pay as much heed to your vagina as your other body parts.

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