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Prep Up For The Red Days

Prep Up For The Red Days

Preparing for your red days AKA period days can be tricky. All those mood swings and cravings already drive you crazy and not having the right period products just makes it worse. It’s important to be prepared before your period arrives so that you don’t feel cranky. With Clovia’s Gal Pal intimate care range, I assure you, you can get through your menstruation with ease. So let’s look at all available options to get through those 5-7 bloody days.

Let’s head to getting more information about these amazing products:

Day-0: Pantyliners for period spotting.

PantylinersYou know what’s the most irritating part before your period shows up? Spotting. Due to this, you might ruin that favorite panty of yours. So to avoid that, pantyliners can be a great choice. Panty liners are also called mini pads. These can be used on an everyday basis for vaginal hygiene. They help absorb daily white vaginal discharge too. Pantyliners, just like pads, have a sticky backing and are made of absorbent material. They can hold vaginal discharge you may experience on every day basis and also keep you protected from unexpected spotting in before and after periods. You can wear one when you think your period is on its way, or if you generally experience spotting towards the end of your periods. You can use one during workout sessions, heavy lifting, jumping and other activities that increase the expulsion of vaginal discharge.

Hack: Wearing panty liners with workout tights can help eliminate camel toe.

Day-1: Period pain relief roll-on for relief from cramps.

Period pain relief roll-onOut of 5 women, 3 women experience cramps, bloating and swelling during menstruation. Clovia’s period pain relief roll-on is completely natural, very safe to use and gives you quick relief from menstrual cramps. This one from Clovia is a natural composition of active essential oils, which provides a cooling sensation when applied to cramp affected areas. And provides relief and keeps the pain at bay. It has mood-lifting properties that help in boosting your mood and energy. It comes in an easy-to-carry roll-on bottle which works great for women who are always on the go.

Day 2 & 3: Sanitary napkins (XXL) for heavy flow

Sanitary napkins (XXL)You can use the XXL pad during day- 2 and day-3 when your flow is extremely high. Clovia Gal Pal sanitary pads promise a rash-free experience, hygiene & comfort thus keeping you dry & hygienic all night long. It features a long length of about 320 mm and a wider back to prevent staining and leakage.

Day 4 & 5: Sanitary napkins (XL)

Sanitary PadSay hello to happy periods. Our Gal Pal sanitary napkins are made of 100%cotton. With soft cotton feel top layer, long length, wide back, and super absorbency level, they are your best company during menstruation. They are also super thin and have wide wings, keeping you comfortable all day long. Our Gal Pal pads are provided with XL and XXL sizes. Extra-long to protect against staining and leakage. XL can be used when you have a moderate flow i.e during your day-4 or day-5.

Everyday hygiene: Intimate wash

Intimate WashPeriod days or non-period days, pregnant or not pregnant, it’s very important to use an intimate wash. It’s more than important to make sure you’re maintaining proper hygiene down there and to keep your vaginal pH level balanced. Most of the women use regular bathing bars to wash the vaginal area which is completely inappropriate and can lead to several problems. Gal Pal Intimate Wash has a 3-in-1 action which cleanses, lightens and tightens the intimate area. It consists of all-natural & organic ingredients such as aloe vera, piper betel, gooseberry extract and tea tree oil which makes it safe to be used every day and maintains the pH level of your vagina. This is completely natural and 100% paraben-free.

Here are few tips that helps you during your periods:

  • Track your periods with the help of Clovia Period Tracker and stay notified.
  • Try to pick a pad that suits your period flow. Panty liners for early period day spotting to regular flow pads and from heavy flow pads to super-long pads for night flow.
  • Wear loose, baggy and comfortable clothes, this would make you feel better and ease the discomfort caused by bloating during menstruation.
  • Sleep on your side; this can minimize the risk of you staining your clothes and bed sheets overnight.
  • Carry extra pads while you’re on your periods for unexpected situations.
  • In emergency cases, when you don’t have a sanitary pad handy you can layer toilet paper or tissues until you can replace it with a sanitary napkin.
  • Wear regular cotton hipster panties and not fancy lacy thongs while you’re on your periods.
  • Use intimate hygiene wash or wet wipes to keep it clean and dry down there. Not changing pads timely or not maintaining hygiene can result in yeast infection.

I guess you have enough information on how to be prepared for your red days, By following a few simple things you can get through period days with ease. Try Clovia’s intimate care products to have a better experience.



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