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Everything You Need To Know vagina acne About It and How To Treat It

Everything You Need To Know vagina acne About It and How To Treat It

Acne isn’t just something that just affects your face or back. It can also show up on your private parts. Finding a bump near your vagina can be alarming and honestly, pretty painful too. Though a bump down there can range from something totally harmless to something a little more serious, having bumps in your vulvar area is totally normal. You’ve possibly spotted a zit somewhere other than your face before. Oh hello, bacne but have you ever found pimples on your vagina? Ugh yes, it happens and with sweaty yoga pants, wet bathing suits, harsh waxes, and friction-inducing clothes, it’s no wonder we break out down there. Just like facial acne, a pimple that appears in the vulvar region is simply an irritating region of skin that is full of pus due to the overactivity of an oil gland. Whether be it from bacteria overgrowth, detergents or hormonal instabilities, vaginal acne is generally harmless and can be treated just like acne on any other part of the body.

Although bumps on your vagina are much more hidden than the ones on other body parts (like your face), that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same level of care.

A healthy vagina needs the same hygienic attention as any other part of your body similar to the way we care for our face.

Causes of Vaginal Acne

  •  Pimples occur when pores get clogged. This can be caused by hormonal changes or external factors. Poor hygiene (even hanging around in sweaty clothes after working out) can increase your risk of vaginal pimples. So make sure you take a warm shower and get into fresh breathable clothes to avoid this.
  • Another common cause of vaginal pimples is shaving. Shaving near the genitals can lead to ingrown hairs and folliculitis. Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles. The symptoms often look similar to other pimples and are treated similarly. Folliculitis can also be caused by tight clothing or sweat irritation.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause bumps around genitals that initially appear like pimples.
  •  Most of the Indian household dry the undergarments inside a room or a washroom often covered under a cloth, this restricts the sunlight and provides the right environment for bacteria build-up.

dry the undergarments

  • Vaginal pimples are usually caused when you are sensitive to sanitary pads.
    Although many young women complain of pimples after shaving their pubic hair, this reasoning doesn’t apply to you either. Possible reasons could include irritation from your underwear rubbing against the area on your skin, an ingrown hair, or a skin tag or from a period pad. Yes, you’ve heard it right.
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Gal Pal Sanitary pads

Treatments for vaginal acne


Treating vaginal acne is not the same as treating facial acne. Retinoids, often prescribed for breakouts, are too harsh for sensitive vaginal skin. A warm compress, antibiotics or lancet prescribed by a dermatologist could help acne.

Keep your vaginal area dry

Say bye-bye to sweaty yoga pants. Sweat is one of the leading causes of pimples on your vulva, so make sure you change out of any moist or sweaty clothing and keep the area as dry as possible and that includes wet bathing suits too.

Do not pop pimples anywhere near your vulva

It’s the same exemplary rule you’re constantly hearing about pimples (although there’s a proper way to pop) but it’s even more important when they’re in your vaginal area. Popping vaginal pimples can lead to an infection in the area and cause more serious problems.

Warm Compress

In addition, if pimples are painful or itchy, you may be able to use a washcloth soaked in warm water to relieve your symptoms. Just make sure to dry the skin after. If you’re not certain that your pimples aren’t contagious, make certain to use a clean towel each time on your vulva. That way you’re less likely to reinfect yourself or spread infection via fomites.

Topical Treatments

Your doctor may also recommend a topical treatment to help with your pimples. This might be an antibiotic, an antihistamine, or even an anti-acne medicine.

Use Vaginal Wash Daily

Intimate WashIt is important to look at what you are using in the shower to wash your body, as some products aren’t pH-balanced and can use irritating ingredients. A healthy vaginal pH is between 3.5 and 4.5, and your best bet is to look for a product within the same range. So make sure you don’t exceed that range. Use a vaginal wash to keep your intimate area clean and free of bacterial infections.

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Some things that may help prevent a repetition of vaginal pimples are:

    • Wearing clean, soft and breathable underwear can help to prevent acne. Choose cotton panties over synthetic ones.
    • Avoiding clothing that is too tight or rubs against your genital region.
    • Practicing good hygiene, including showering after exercise and changing out of sweaty exercise clothes.

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  •  Changing your menstrual products frequently during your period.
    Try to trim pubic hair instead of shaving.

In addition, if your pimples show up even after you change your type of soap or laundry detergent, try going back to the old product, used separate towels for the vulva. Consult a doc as soon as possible. Take Care!



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