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Top 10 Lingerie Options To Go With Your Wedding Dress


You’ve found the ‘one’. You’ve nailed your dream wedding dress to the T. You’re pretty much done, right? Nope, in fact, it’s only just getting started, to be honest. You may have found that sexy wedding dress, which you were dreaming of since you were practically twelve. Now, while a sexy wedding dress may ensure you look like a million bucks, donning a wrong bra underneath it can spoil your billion dollar look within a fraction of seconds. Yes, investing in the right lingerie is just as crucial as ensuring your well-fitted wedding dress is stitched to perfection.

Let’s get this mathematically cleared, a wedding dress for the bride is equally proportional to the well-fitted lingerie she plans to don underneath it. If you’re the lucky bride who has a wedding planned a few months down the line, this little list is to ensure you look and feel sexy and confident under your one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Without further ado, here’s a quick for all the to-be brides of all the must- have lingerie you need to invest in, pronto !

The Bride In White

Christian Bridal Dress

If you’re the lucky girl who’s all set to tie the knot in a dream come true white wedding dress, we all know the golden rule in this situation: Go nude! Not literally, ladies, but opt for seamless bras that is nude in color. This way, you won’t have any embarrassing peek-a-boo moments on your beautiful walk down the aisle!

 Leap Of Faith

Deep Neck Bridal Dress

While you’re all set to take the biggest leap of faith, it’s time you show a little faith to your sexy plunge bra, as well . This one’s perfect for those brides who love flaunting their beautiful curves in their cleavage-baring deep neck gowns or lehenga blouses. A plunge bra will not only support your girls but also give them a round and firmer shape underneath your sexy wedding dresses. An underwired one can also provide you with a gentle support. What else can a girl really want?

Bringing Sexy Back

 Backless Wedding Dress

While we’ve all grooved to Justin Timberlake’s sexy back song at some point or the other, if you’re the bride who’s taking his word of advice a tad too seriously then go ahead and buy yourself a sexy transparent back strap bra. These seamless bras come with light padding or non-padded options. Opt for the one that suits your dress to a T. Plus, consider this the best way to flaunt your toned backs while keep the fashion bridal police at bay. Woot, woot!

Earthy Tones

Pastel Bridal Dress

With pastels being the biggest trend of the season, Thanks to Anushka Sharma Kohli, pastel bridal lehengas have become every to-be brides need and necessity. While you may love your pop of colours donning them underneath your pastel lehenga set is not a very bright idea. Stick to basic earth nudes or opt for a similar shade of bra to avoid the see-through embarrassment.

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Balcony Affair

 Wide Neck Bridal Dress

Flaunt your sexy collar bones and that beautiful long neck with a wide neck bridal choli. If you’re worried about what to wear underneath, let us tell you darling, with a plethora of options available in the market, a bride really can’t complain, can you? The perfect way to don those bold & broad necklines is with a balconette bra. Without having a fashion faux pas moment, you can stay supported throughout your big day.

Figure- Flattering

Fitted Bridal Dress

Love the bodycon trend a tad too much ? Ensure that your bridal gown fits you like a glove. Well, after all those late night hours in the gym, you deserve to flaunt ‘em curves. Now all you need to do is make sure there aren’t any underfashion disasters. A seamless bra and a no-panty line underwear is your best bet in this case ! The most ideal choice of showing your curves while ensuring your wedding days goes as smooth as fine wine, without any fashion hiccups.

Find Your Mr. Right

Tube style gowns and cholis are really your thing? Well, now that you have found your soulmate it is time you find your go to bra-mate aka a strapless bra. A strapless bra with a flexible underwire will work wonders on those beautiful long and flowy sexy evening wear wedding dresses. Not only do they support your breasts but also uplift your girls, giving you  some much-needed confidence under those breathtaking one of a kind wedding dresses.

Over The Top Madness

Heavily Embellished Bridal Dress

While some brides love all things minimal, there are others who believe in heavy magical bling. Got a dress or blouse stitched with heavy embellished work? Now is your time to rely on these push up bras to ensure your girls look round and lifted. Heavily embellished wedding dresses tend to sag your boobs. Considering that’s the last thing you want, push up bra will be your best friend in this droopy situation.

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